#SoPhi | “The Day I Found Out My Pit Bull was a Freak bul” By @PhillyTheBoss

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“When Opportunity presents itself, Carpe Diem” – Bo (my pit bull)

My pit bull, Bo, was born a few years ago (he’ll be 3 June of 2013). After about 4 months of him staying with my mom while I traveled, I decided “I think I’ll bring him home so he can get acquainted to his permanent habitat.” I didn’t want him to feel like he was being taken from his natural home and brought to a strange place, so I brought him to Cali with me while I was set to be there for about a month or two.

Bo took to the new home instantly – hopped in the pool, pissed on the bushes, ran down the beach, chased the neighbors kids, and marked his territory like a true champ would. Then one day he saw a little female dog and gave her that lusty “Hey Bitch!” bark. I imagine if I could translate “puppy” he said something like “Hey bitch, my shots are current, I eat the finest of kibble, I see you out here without an owner, so come by these bushes and lets rap a taste.” I’m almost sure that’s what he said, although I could be wrong. I promptly snatched Bo up and gave him the talk all fathers have with their sons: “If you lay down with a dirty bitch, you’re going to get fleas.” He laid down, humbled and dejected, but quickly got over it and stole a chicken thigh off my plate while I was boo lovin’ on the phone.

After a few weeks I got some free time and I flew my girl in to see me. Candles around the hot tub, champagne on ice, and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and infused with champagne. I prepared a nice lobster and rib-eye dinner, I went all OUT with the romance – even a rose petal trail to the diamond bracelet and necklace that I wanted her to solely wear to bed that night. OH, it was magical. The night was going as planned and she was even enjoying Bo’s company. Belly rubs for Bo, neck massages for me. She was the ultimate multi-tasker and Bo couldn’t be more pleased with how the night was going, himself.

Finally Bo walks off. He heads outside to where we left the fire pit going after we left the hot tub, and he lays by it. She straddles me and is kissing all up and down my neck. Most women who deal with me know: sensual acts are the best way to get a high octane performance out of me. She’s all over me, I think it was a combo of “I missed you”, lust, as well as appreciation for all that I did. Just as she’s putting her mouth on me, I say “lets go to bed”. She complies and follows the trail to the bedroom. There she sees her final gift, the one I completely forgot about because shit got so steamy. I tell her “Yeah, take everything off and let those two items be the only thing you have on.” At this point, I’m at full attention. My flag pole had no give in it whatsoever. To describe her, she’s got a light/almond complexion, petite, nice rack, nice butt, gorgeous smile, and eyes that could talk the Pope into cardinal sins.

She undresses, bends over wearing nothing but the vvs’ shining in the light and asks “Is this how you want me to pose?” I say “Perfect”. I proceed to abuse her throat lightly first, and then I got in from behind for the kill. I’m hearing the sexiest, lustiest moans on earth at this point. And the mirror on the wall exhibited her perfect form. If sex was gymnastics a 9.9 was her score. A perfect arch in her back, tense calf muscles and curled toes. I wanted her to touch her toes while I was in it so I pull her off the bed and push her back and she proceeds to grab her ankles. Me, I’m looking at the ceiling, just off in that nether-realm before I bust off. Now we all know most men get their most tense as they get ready to ejaculate, so just as Im ready to let off the 1st, she says “Hold up, wait wait – “…I look down and somehow Bo crept in and is going to WORK on one of her legs, just humping away. Not only did he ruin the intensity of what that nut would have been, I think the lil’ mother fucker tried to ‘run a train’ on my girl. I yelled at him, “Bo, Get Out!” he seemed frightened and scurried along, tail between his legs. She says “Awww, don’t be mean!” and goes out to cater to his emotions with THE NERVE to tell me “You should have closed the door.” FOR WHAT? It’s just me, you and this hoe ass dog! Well after about a hour of erasing Bo’s perverse ways from our memory, she finished me off. Of course it wasn’t the same.

The rest of her two week visit went smoothly, but when she left, he and I had a long talk. Well, I did all the talking. When I was done explaining “In order for you to be a good roommate, you cant be trying to fuck my women. I don’t try to fuck yours so I’d like the same respect.” He responded by a friendly licking of my hand, rushed out the door and laid out by the pool in the sun.

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