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Every so often, in my personal life, my closest friends will tell you that I randomly go MIA. I never plan on it, I just get a feeling that I need to fall back and reassess things, so I do. In the past two months that I have taken off from blogging and writing, I have been doing a lot of revising my strategy and my approach. The main thing I have realized is how stifled I feel when I don’t write. Writing is necessary for me to maintain the little bit of sanity I have. It’s therapeutic for me and helps others either learn from my experiences or to just feel that they are not alone in their thoughts and/or actions. I did manage to release an ebook, “Get Your Mind Right.” It serves as a precursor to the book I plan to release around this time next year. In “Get Your Mind Right,” I discuss how our thoughts control our lives and how we can change the way we think to create a life that we want. I chose seven of the limiting beliefs I held on to, and in turn they held me back from experiencing life in a less arduous way. I have been taking the time to get my mind right but I will be back to regular posting real soon. Here’s an excerpt from my ebook’s introduction, if you like, definitely feel free to support and purchase, it’s $1.99.

“Once upon a time I was lied to. Lied to about life and who I am. It was back when I was very impressionable and just getting acclimated with life. I believed these lies and acted accordingly, imposing limits upon myself that would keep me bound and restrict me from reaching my full potential. I wasn’t even aware that I believed in these lies or maybe I was aware but just didn’t know how to change them in the beginning. Or maybe I knew how to change them but was afraid to take the leap of faith into the unknown which would help me shift into the abundance that this world has set aside for me.
I grew disgusted with where I was at one point in my life and decided it was time to change. My biggest breakthrough came from discovering the limiting beliefs I held. While I held onto these beliefs, they were holding me back from experiencing a more peaceful life full of infinite possibilities. When I discovered these beliefs, I also decided it was time for them to go. I released them and reflected on my past and healed myself from the pain that passed through me and I began a journey to freeing my mind and living from my soul. As a result, my spirit is overjoyed and I wish to pass this feeling along to all who wish to have it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who held these beliefs and in sharing my story and my thoughts, I hope to help you heal just as I have so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.”


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