News | @EpiphanyGroupKY and Beast Mode Ent Get @RealLilScrappy Thrown Out of Hotel & Fail To Pay For His Appearance

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Not that I have any particular interest in Lil Scrappy’s career but this story is all too familiar in the promotion game for me not to post. Why you ask? Because janky promoter stories are always the best. The fuxxery and movies that they put people in because they don’t care about properly executing business is hilarious and beyond sad. So here’s the tea….

On Nov. 10, Lil Scrappy was scheduled to perform at Club Vizion’s 1st annual Scorpio Soiree in Louisville, Kentucky. Everything was a go until he got to the venue and the promoters (Beastmode Ent and The Epiphany Group) told him that they didn’t have the cash for him to perform as planned. This is a big no, no in any promoter/performer’s book. The club owner attempted to do damage control by paying the Atlanta rapper for a meet and greet instead since fans and club goers were in the venue waiting for a performance as stated on the flyer (see below). Everything was good until he left the venue and went back to his hotel room for the night where he was informed that his room reservation was cancelled and that he had to leave immediately. Do you know how humiliating that is?! That’s beyond fuxxed up. I mean, I’ve never had that happen to me but if it was to ever happen, I’d be beyond pissed. The thing is, the concert promoter (who didn’t have the money to even pay him to perform in the first place) hadn’t taken care of the room either. My thing is, why didn’t Scrappy’s management make sure that everything (especially the room) was taken care of before he even touched down in the city? That’s what management is for, right? The crazy thing is that Lil Scrappy isn’t going to sue the promoters for their fuxx up and just plans to never work with them again. This only means that Lil Scrappy plans on being the bigger person or somebody is going to get fucked up for their fuxx up at a later time and date.

The bottom line is that you have to be on point in the promotion game…. Shit like this brings down your credibility and makes the venue along with the companies involved look bad. You have to be careful about who you partner up with when promoting also. Life lessons. Better planning next time….


I was contacted by the co-owner of Epiphany Group via email about the situation and here’s what he had to say:

I’m the Co-owner of The Epiphany Group. I ran across your article online. You have some facts wrong in your article. The Epiphany Group had no involvement in the payment of Scrappy or him getting put out of his hotel!! The concert was a joint venture between BeastMode Ent & Club Visions. The Epiphany Group was only hired as an independent contractor to spread the word about the event in the city! – Thomas Levett

As one who often gets independently contracted by other businesses for marketing and promotions, I know that this is something that can happen. Apologies to the Epiphany Group for the mix up!

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