A man really got arrested for telling kids Santa isn’t real?!

by • November 25, 2012 • NewsComments (0)1054

No lie! I thought Canadians were the politer ones of the North American continent. I guess not. A 24 year old unidentified man was arrested by Canadian police for attending an annual Santa Claus parade with his hair gelled up to look like devil horns when he went around telling kids in attendance that Santa Clause wasn’t real. Now no normal person would do such a lousy thing but the Canadian grinch was reportedly drunk off of his ass. He was charged with being drunk and disorderly in public and for breach of his probation. I would have paid to see the faces of the horrified children as the┬ábelligerent┬ádevil looking man went around parade goers killing the holiday cheer. I know parents and the adults there had to be mortified.

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