Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Again After Followers Threaten To Kill @JennyJohnsonHi5

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This was the tweet that started it all:

Now I knoooow that Chris Brown has to have hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who have grown to hate him since the Rihanna incident back in 2008. Why he decided to respond to her just boggles my mind. Why didn’t he just block her? Anywho, fans came to his defense and kind of went to the extreme by threatening to kill the blonde who seemed to have rubbed Chris the wrong way.  I have to disagree with Miss Johnson in terms of Chris Brown showing no signs of changing or being unapologetic for putting his hands on RiRi. Then again, they’re back together so who cares. The point is, if you’re a celebrity, you’re going to have to deal with it. As a public figure, you have to deal with the extremes of the good and the bad. It’s bound to happen. People are going to judge you. Are you meaning to tell me that this lady really got under Chris Brown’s skin that bad that he felt that he had to delete his Twitter? Maybe he didn’t want to be blamed for anything that might have happened to the lady just in case one of his die hard fans really did try to go through with the death threats.

His last tweet before deleting his official Twitter account was:

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One Response to Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Again After Followers Threaten To Kill @JennyJohnsonHi5

  1. WonderWoman says:

    I just don’t understand why ppl won’t ppl live and learn from their mistakes. Everyone quick to judge him even now. And while everyone is mad him and Rih are still together lol. i agree he should’ve just blocked her. But sometimes you gotta check ppl smh. They won’t let this die but all them other women beaters in the industry they say nothing to or about, they were grown and he was a child still growing in a fast life. they need to let it go already!! Good piece!

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