A reality tv show about “blended families” ….aka having baby mama(s)

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shawty-lo-on-g-unit-dealPush the progression of black people back a couple hundred years with bull shit like this being labeled as entertainment. As if NIGGAS need another reality tv show to showcase their ratchetness. This just screams “Niggas Who Cant Keep Their Dicks In Their Pants” or “Niggas Who Pulled Out Too Slow”.

Carlos, aka G-Unit’s forgotten shelved product after Young Buck…. bka as Shawty Lo, has allowed himself to be filmed by Oxygen Media for a new one hour show. It said to circle around the complicated lives of one man, his many women, and their many children. Standard story book fairy tale of niggas in the hood.  I guess Shawty Lo has run out of “Dey Knows” that he’s turned to the world of reality tv for a check.

Funny that he’s neighbors with T.I, who happens to have a POSITIVE show about “blended families” if you want to label it that way. Just by viewing this clip of what’s to come, there’s going to be a whole lot of drama between the Baby Mama’s. Do you guys SEE Shawty Lo’s funny looking ass though? What in the woooorld do these women see in this man? His kids are close in age too. Seems like “monogamous relationships” was not on the agenda of this chap while he was spreading his seeds all over Atlanta. Oh yeah, then throw in a 19 year old girlfriend that’s the same age as your oldest child into the mix. Sounds like the perfect recipe for making black people look like damn fools, I tell you. Giving out sperm like Christmas presents.

Lawwwwwwwwd, I can go on and on about how bad this show is going to look on the black community. Hell, it’s coming from the people who brought us ‘Bad Girls Club‘. They don’t give a fuxx about how they make people look. They’re competing with heavy weights aka VH1 and MTV! Ughhh…

Anywho…. watch the sizzle reel and for your own opinion…..

I wonder what 50 cent has to do with this. You know everything that Shawty Lo does has to have a cut going to Curtis Jackson. Why else would he be rocking a G-Unit shirt on the show? For Christ sake. Who do you hear screaming G-Unit still except for 50? Ughhhhhh!

Shawty Lo better have a plan to come out with a baby mama inspired mixtape because people aren’t going to want to hear him speak about anything else about him now. The man hasn’t done anything relevant since 2008 musically, and 2009 if you want to talk about his beef with T.I.

…. At least the man embraces his kids.

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