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Reesh Writes:
Ok So I met this guy on twitter who is cool. Not sure its going to go anywhere promising yet i am willing to give it a fair chance. Unfortunately, I went over his house and seen a party picture of him with a guy I met from Blackplanet many moons ago and had a summer fling with. I guess that would be OK, except the guy I had sex with from BlackPlanet was cousins with a guy I met on Myspace. The bigger issue is, the initial two guys I was fucking at around the same time and the guy from BlackPlanet gave me a curable STD, however I did pass that STD to his cousin from Myspace (I know you’re going to get on me about the protection thing. BlackPlanet guy was carelessness while Mr. Myspace stayed the night and I woke up with him entering me and it was so good I didn’t bother to stop it. Ever since then I have been super careful. I promise). In the end they both tried to make it seem as if I gave it to the both of them although I showed paper work from 1 month prior saying I’m clean. Come to find out, the guy from Myspace is my current dudes TWIN. No, not Identical so I had NO CLUE. How the hell do I break the news? I already ducked Thanksgiving and Christmas with him due to this. I’m not sure how to break the news. I like him although its still early but I’m so confused. I feel like this is a cruel joke. Help!
Allie Says:

Mr.Twitter, Mr.Blackplanet, and Mr.Myspace are all related? Mr.Twitter is Mr.Myspace’s fraternal twin, and they are both cousins with Mr.Blackplanet?! Twisted shit. I’m sure Mr.Twitter probably already knows about his twin, and his cousins STD scare. Men talk just as much as women do if not more. Either he knows and doesn’t care, or there is a slim chance that he has no clue. In the event that he doesn’t know …. since its not serious between you two yet I would actually stop talking to him. You already dealt with his cousin no big deal, but to have slept with his twin brother is a bit close. Especially considering the STD scare that you shared with this family. I think You should leave this family alone, you can find someone who isn’t related to this group of guys. Its just too much girl, seriously. I’m sure you like him but if its still early on save yourself some shame and find somebody else. If he knows already he is most likely leading you on so he can have sex, or continue having sex but trust me this wont result into a serious relationship. Be honest with yourself, would you take a dude seriously after he slept with your cousin AND your TWIN SISTER? I doubt it.

Make sure you continue to protect yourself. Your so lucky that you didn’t contract a permanent or deadly STD. As far as “keeping it in the family” goes , its frowned upon. Stay away from brothers, cousins, twins, dads, & uncles. If your not sure if your past and present are related, as soon as u find out they are you shouldn’t even consider moving forward. Especially if you want to be taken seriously.

– XOXO, Allie

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