Why is @HulkHogan refiling the $100 million sex tape that nobody is talking or cares about?

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hulk-hoganAs I skimmed this on Vibe‘s blog, I just began to shake my head. I had become a witness to one of the biggest names in wrestling history become another washed up celebrity drowning in his own desperation to regain some type of monetary compensation for what had become of his life.

First of all, I want a refund on my time used in life to watch this infamous sex tape that Hulk Hogan is having a major hissy fit over. I should be suing him. He’s an OLD white man who’s on the verge of losing all of the muscle he gained over his career as wrestler and turning into a raisin. He didn’t do anything spectacular in the video AT ALL. It was even more boring than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J. (The only difference between Kim and Hulk Hogan is that she’s just better to look at.) There was absolutely NOTHING that he did in the tape that would make a viewer say “Hmmmm, so that’s why he’s the Hulk”. Nope. There was a lot of unnecessary boring conversation. It actually had me thinking, “Damn. Your boring ass sex is probably why your ex wife left and found somebody your son’s age to satisfy her sexually.”

The tape is six years old. In the length of it’s public existence, the only reason why it made a buzz was because of the career he USED to have. For Christ sake, even after all the health problems that were shown on the reality tv show he had, he returned to wrestling back in 2012! ┬áIn my opinion, it was beyond over hyped by the media and Hulk Hogan. His first lawsuit was with Gawker.com and Bubba the Love Sponge. This time around, he’s suing Bubba’s ex wife, the lady that was in the tape with him (who was boring herself). Let’s see how this goes. Does that chick even have a $100 million to spare?

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