Movie Mondays | Netflix Pick: “Hotel Rwanda” Starring Don Cheadle

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Solidly built around a subtle yet commanding performance by Don Cheadle, Hotel Rwanda emerged as one of the most highly-praised dramas of 2004. In a role that demands his quietly riveting presence in nearly every scene, Cheadle plays real-life hero Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in the Rwandan capital of Kigali who in 1994 saved 1,200 Rwandan “guests” from certain death during the genocidal clash between tribal Hutus, who slaughtered a million victims, and the horrified Tutsis, who found safe haven or died. Giving his best performance since his breakthrough role in Devil in a Blue Dress, Cheadle plays Rusesabagina as he really was during the ensuing chaos: “an expert in situational ethics” (as described by critic Roger Ebert), doing what he morally had to do, at great risk and potential sacrifice, with an understanding that wartime negotiations are largely a game of subterfuge, cooperation, and clever bribery. Aided by a United Nations official (Nick Nolte), he worked a saintly miracle, and director Terry George (Some Mother’s Son) brings formidable social conscience to bear on a true story you won’t soon forget. –Jeff Shannon

Recently there was a debate on twitter about who is the best black actor in Hollywood. I wont really bring that here, however I can say who is underrated. Mr. Don Cheadle. Netflix recently added Hotel Rwanda to their streaming database. A great add if I say so myself. So tonight if you’re somehow not watching the BCS Championship Game, check this awesome movie out. My Grade A+


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