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We'll never leave
Thank you everyone for the 3 days of patience. The site was down for a few days due to user error basically. (I admit, that I, Philly The Boss didn’t update the site in a timely manner and that I also broke it when trying to fix it.) Google then flagged us but me being the boss I am, got that taken down promptly. LOL. We’re safe and disease free!

However, for your inconvenience I have decided to make “Self Medication” [Deluxe] eBook Free of charge on Amazon today. So go ahead and knock yourself out . If you don’t have a Kindle device, download the kindle app to your iPhone or iPad and enjoy. Thank you all for always supporting the team!

P.S. We’re currently at 3,993,762 views (since 10/21/11). Sooo tell a friend to tell a friend to stop by and check out everything here. Lets try to hit the 4 Million views mark today.

(Images for old post on the site will propagate soon.)

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