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Man Leading woman
The feminists are already having fits of rage, burning their bra’s and saying “fuck him” before even reading this first sentence. I know ladies, I know. However, I don’t write this blog for women who have yet to select a man that they can feel comfortable handing the reigns of control over to, or have yet to meet that type of man BUT want to debate my point of view. We’re not here for that. If you want better in the New Year, this is how. In each blog and even my book, I give people new perspectives and another route in their pursuits of happiness. This is my ideology, you’re always welcome to rebut and write yours. However, for today, we will sit around and absorb these words. Keep in mind I do speak from an “Alpha Male” perspective in some cases, thus if you have never dated one, you may have a hard time digesting these words.

Judge me if you like but I saw a preview for “Love & Hip Hop NY” where rapper Consequence is telling his wife that she is not his equal. Although he may be speaking from his religious faith, if I extracted religion, I’d still agree. Women over the years have transferred social equality to personal, foundation based equality. I will never say women shouldn’t earn as much as a man. If she is as smart or smarter than a man by every right should she be compensated as such. All of that I agree with. Intellect, knowledge, and hard work should always be rewarded. That’s where it stops. Socially. See all of these “relationship” books, experts, psychologists, etc all go against conventional means. Everyone has a place. Everyone.

As my woman, your opinion, point-of-view, perspectives, knowledge will all be respected. However, being the ultimate authority in the home, my say – pardon me, A MAN’S say is final. Knowing that many of you are “black and white” thinkers: No, MEN don’t chime in to just chime in looking to flex our proverbial muscle. Real men are well aware of how and when to use our authority. Therefore, no.. the minor details of things will hardly get us into a “I said no” match. That’s a man who isn’t used to power and is just trying to flex it. However you picked him so, you deal with that. Back to the task at hand. Women weren’t put here to compete with men. They were put here to to accompany, to assist, to compliment – not to offset. I, as the man, say “This is the direction in which I see us going, these are the goals I’m laying out for us as a union.” You provide input to make the process easier to streamline. Not counter. Realistically, yes there will be things couples will have to compromise on. Yet, there isn’t anything a woman should be uncomfortable taking a back seat on. You’re relationship isn’t working for this exact reason. You’re countering his position. You haven’t learned your “place” as a woman. Yes, we all have a place. Even you feminists, many of you are alone because of this stance, or you date men who allow you to play the position you want to play as the one your supposed to play.

Right now, you may be ready to debate this blog already. Why? Some of you may be about to repeat the same mistake you’ve been repeating for months. That guy you’re about to sleep with this weekend, where do you see it going? You get pregnant where do you see him going? You’re just “doing you” for now, got it. Trust, I’m not complaining, and this is against my better benefit because God knows, there’s a few women I’d love to JUST sleep with. However, pointless moments of intimacy enables further narcissism. Have you thought that maybe the reason you’re stance on what you allow with men have hardened you spiritually and emotionally because you’ve been “thinking like a man.” Let me get this straight, you think women were programmed to have “meaningless” sex? Honestly, With women being created to be the nurturers and supporters you think you can reprogram yourself to believe that you can do what we, as men do? The only thing worse than a liar is someone who lies to themselves. Women aren’t built for the war known as “emotionless involvement”. Until the end of time, men will always have the upper hand because it was created by us. You cant beat the game creator at his own game because all the cheat codes there are his. Most women who are bitter, are that because they tried the game and still lost. Be real with you. Reflect on yourself for once. Why are your emotions they way they are? How did you lose? Who caused it and how did they get the upper hand?

As I was writing this blog I made a harsh statement, albeit a joke on how if my woman decided to terminate my child, I’d terminate her. Speaking on my stance on abortion within my relationship. I was immediately attacked by women who were irate, called me an abuser etc. and made statements like “But its her body!” Now normally in a impersonal debate, that statement may make a tad bit more sense but it highlighted the logic of women who have issues with my “alpha male/male chauvinist” stance. As a woman how can you declare that you’re my equal, but cant be responsible enough to use contraceptive to prevent pregnancy if you’re not ready? Why? Because your emotion overrules logic. Running a business is different than your personal life. Many women have yet to master what it means to be a woman. Haven’t properly complimented a man in years, if ever. How about you master what it is to be a lady before you try to tackle being a man. Maybe you’re chasing another position because you can’t live up to the job you’re given.

I would say LIFE ISN’T FAIR! However, “Life isn’t fair..” is one of the biggest misnomers known to man. Life is fair when you play your positions and know what your role in life is. Everything isn’t meant for everybody. Therefore when you’re chasing things that aren’t meant for you, OF COURSE you’re going to feel a certain way about the outcome. You’re the Queen, you’re respected, loved, cherished and most of all you’re an asset – but you’re not my fuckin’ equal. Embrace your role in life and excel at that.

@PhillyTheBoss is Author of the eBook ‘Self-Medication’, a introspective look into his life written in Journal form. It invites the reader in on a relatable journey in order the assist the reader to be introspective themselves. You can purchase Self-Medication on iTunes here: “Self-Medication

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5 Responses to #SoPhi | “Woman…You Are Not, Nor Ever Will Be, My Equal.” by @PhillyTheBoss

  1. Darrk Gable says:

    This gots to be the truest…and ballsiest dichotomal breakdown I’ve read in sometime. Even though ya took the “religion” aspect out of it, it’s actually foundational in religious relationships. Hell of a read.

  2. JJ says:

    Um……No. lol.

  3. G. says:

    Dopest post I’ve seen on here

  4. Tina says:

    lmao at this garbage

  5. Bre says:

    Good post!!! Im young and finally learning this! Very well written!

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