The NFL: The Gift or A Curse? – Trailer for Docu-Series By Former @NFL player @ThomasJonesRB

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In today’s NFL, there is an increasingly palpable concern for the long term mental and physical health of the league’s players, each of whom risks serious injury to their bodies and brains as they battle on and off of the grid iron. In that vein, Thomas Jones, retired running back who played for five teams and twelve NFL seasons, unveils the preview for his new documentary series entitled, “The NFL: The Gift or the Curse?”

Jones’s six-part series will profile some of the leading issues dealt with in the life of NFL players, such as: the mentally and physically debilitating effects of repeated collisions and concussions and the new fear of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disorder being found in the brains of increasing numbers of NFL players; the transfer of violence on the field into violence in the home; managing the temptations of the opposite sex; and long term financial stability and the illusion of the never ending money supply.

In this real and raw documentary series, Jones offers an insider’s access to the highs and lows, the peaks and pitfalls of life in the NFL. Chock full of intimate interviews with current and retired NFL stars, as well as some of the leading mental and physical health experts in the world including Ann McKee and Chris Nowinski of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University, and never before known personal testimonies from Thomas Jones and Adewale Ogunleye, this provocative documentary is sure to shed light on the real deal of NFL life and promote increasing awareness and continued dialogue about the past, present and future of the NFL. Currently in post production editing, the series is slated for release in 2013. Jones company, Team IME Films (Independently Major Entertainment, Inc) is currently in production on: The NFL: The Gift or The Curse? directed by Ronaldo Bahamon, The LICK television drama series featuring Clifton Powell, as well as feature films: Running From Love and Coal Miner’s Sons.

The NFL: The Gift or The Curse? unearths the psyche of football players’ minds and the world that surrounds them within their athletic career and their home. Fast paced and endearing, this series explores the multi-faceted lives of an NFL player. Jones envisions the series as the players speaking directly to the fans about the pitfalls of playing in the NFL. He understands that many people see attaining the dream of playing in the NFL as a dream come true, but he wants to show what it looks like through the eyes of the men who reached that goal.

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