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Starting SophisticatedIgnorance.net was a blessing. As of today and in under a year and a half we half amassed over 4.2Million views all of which comes from a global audience. Maybe a year ago one of the sites biggest followers began to “retweet” and repost all of our post. Her and I began to interact and I soon found out she was in Malawi/Africa as was many of her other followers whom also began to follow our site. I dubbed them “SoPhiAfrica” and we’ve all been in contact since. Over time I grew to learn that one of her passions, like mine is giving back. She has unselfishly dedicated her time to an orphanage in her home country of Malawi. The orphanage is a blessing and beneficial to the kids who are now without parents due a multitude of reasons. So I decided that our site should adopt and assist the orphanage where we can. There’s no point in having influence in this world if we choose not to use our influence to create or spread positivity or good where we see it being a deficiency. Without holding you guys any further below is the email and detail I received from Mba.

Again, I don’t ask for cash because I find it kind of tacky for those of us with, to request it from others. However, As she stated stationary is a necessity there so IF you can donate that is fine. For those who want to donate by other means email me at: phillythaboss [@]gmail.com and we will figure it out. Also for details on where to ship, email me. As many know, I travel often and I’m sure my post office would flip its lid if I wasn’t there to pick up all of these shipments.

Thanks Again.

Hello Philly,
I am finally able to give you an exact number of kids we’re currently working with at the Atuweni Orphan Care Centre. There are about 200 children aged between 0-10. Most of them are school goers and would therefore make use of stationery the most.
Please find attached the Stimulus Mission statement and a video I took at the Centre today as well as a few pictures of the same.
Your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


In the world we live in there are many injustices. Problems like HIV/AIDS, which not only kill people, but also rob many children of parents. Issues of poverty and pain leave people with a lack of hope and confidence. The stigmas that are reinforced by certain cultures prohibit creative and open minds providing our nation with people that are blocked from moving because of mindsets that stop them from it. Problems like the slow dying of the environment, lack of education, AIDS, Cancer and lack of assertiveness to ensure sustainable development are among many issues that are suffocating us and hindering our development as a nation. Although a lot of awareness is being done, it is mostly directed at the older demographic of youth, as they are the immediate beneficiaries, and are the rulers of the very near tomorrow. This organisation has two main tasks:

The program aims to provide awareness to the younger demographic(4-11) as well as equipping them with life’s lessons that will in turn help them grow into strong, well-rounded creative individuals. Individuals that are open minded, creative, interactive, assertive and aware of the circumstances around them. Capable of thinking for themselves with confidence; and have been broken free from mindsets that prohibit the development of our country.
This is the heart line of our project, this is what keeps us going when we get lazy and disheartened. We have been given opportunities in life that many have not been granted. Being a child provides you with a sense of innocence. As one grows, the ugliness of the world around them is exposed and takes away the innocence. The centers we go to are homes to children that have been orphaned and to children that live in poverty. To these groups, life’s troubles and worries were introduced at a very early stage in their lives. We want to help these children and provide them with love and time. To provide them with a place where they can learn and have fun but also where they can just be children. We want to help them build confidence in themselves, to help turn their hearts into the bright pillars that every heart can be.

The project is run by college students, so not only are we investing in the children, at the same time we are building the capacity of our own demographic, providing peer to peer training on how to run a community action project, provided by the British Council; but also and most importantly giving our demographic a chance to make a difference, to invest themselves in something great, because when you work with kids you are building something special because they are at the age where they absorb and are young enough to keep the information and grow with it to change the problems we are failing to now because we got the information later. It is time for us all to make the greatest investment a country can make, it’s time for us to work with children who may not be the immediate future leaders, but are certainly the carriers of hope. Every child deserves a place to expand and grow. Stimulus provides social education through the creative arts to build creativity and interaction and through our culture with music and dance as well as story and discussion. A child is our hope, a child will determine our growth, but most importantly we owe them a chance.

Our mission is to help Malawian children at orphan care and support centre for vulnerable children gain creativity, confidence, assertiveness and open-mindedness. To equip them with qualities that will help them build their lives and in so doing their community and in the long run Malawi.

We want to see a group of children that are free of the set mindsets affecting the country that have hope and excitement in their eyes who are ready to take on life.

Again, for details on where to mail stationary or goods for the kids to use you can email me at Phillythaboss[@] gmail.com

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