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While I’m sure the Tea Party is geared up to nitpick The POTUS’ State Of The Union speech. There are a few things, I  as an Independent voter would like to hear myself. I do feel that the country is in a post “1st Date” phase. Meaning, the President won re-election and like after the first date one or both parties involved are thinking “Now What?” Which is exactly how I feel. I voted Obama and I am an avid Obama supporter. However, we need some almost-instant action on numerous things. Of course with it being Washington DC and all, maybe one or two things get done in the next four years, thanks to upcoming mid-term elections and political posturing. Nonetheless, here’s a few things I hope we hear details about.

1. Jobs/More Take Home Pay- Jobs aren’t the biggest issue alone in the country, the pay for work is right up there along with it. Constantly our GDP is being compared to other countries by “financial experts” yet none really state WHY. It’s not the lack of jobs. We had jobs, we were too busy enjoying the fruits of our labor to notice that deals were being cut to send our great jobs to 3rd world countries on impoverished countries that would gladly do our job for 1/3 the pay. How do we get our good jobs back that will enable the American people to then put that money back into our economy? How many Technical Support and IT specialists must I speak to in India? They may not be100k per year jobs; however if we didn’t have 18 year old’s competing with 40 year old’s for the same job market by bringing back sustainable jobs, our fresh out of high school and college students could start in and advance through, it would help. At the same time, the 18-25 age bracket helps drive an economy. They buy and trade at rapid rates, they are also inventors in their college dorms or starting a brand new start-up with their friends, new business, new patents, inventions etc cannot be started without money. That’s the terror. How about that war on terror?

2. Immigration- I hold this debate with my mom often, she’s very much against immigration, while I see it as something we can’t defeat as the Republicans would love to; therefore we need comprehensive immigration reform. Will they work jobs while they are here? Yes. That money will also feed the economy. There are many ways we can keep the money from going back into Mexico and not leaving the country. It’s not an impossible feat. It’s just tedious. However if hard work is what is asked of the American people for an honest pay, we should be able to ask the same of our politicians. Less vacation days for Congress and get more work done. Like Immigration reform and all of its moving parts.

3. Investing In The Future – Our future is our children. I’m from Philadelphia, where many schools were just announced to be closed. 40 Schools to be exact. How do you close 40 schools? We open more jails than we open schools? How does the population surge but we close schools? Baby booms with less places for babies to go? So do they go from the “play pen” to the penitentiary? I don’t understand. We as a nation need to refocus on our #1 priority, our children. Also, another great idea would be to mandate a vocational/trade course instead of, or in addition to, other courses so that our children may have a head start in the field of their dreams. Kids go to a regional high school, but may want to be a chef, architect or electrician. Why not expand their minds and opportunities by providing that? My trade in high school was electrician, did it for for years in high school and went on to be a certified one. While I’m not one now, it’s a great trade to fall back on. There’s always an electrician, or someone who knows what they’re doing as far as electricity goes, in need. The world has evolved, Americas ways of handling its students, schooling, job training need to as well, or we will keep bleeding jobs to competing countries who shouldn’t even be on the radar as competitors.

4. The Budget – I will keep this simple. You can’t demand Americans to have good credit to achieve their dreams in life meanwhile Congress holds things hostage and our credit rating drops. America as a country can be dysfunctional but Americans as a people have to be responsible? No. Less on military, more in education and infrastructure. AND SET A DAMN BUDGET.

5. The Postal Service – This will absolutely not happen, but one can dream can’t I? I’ve long said that the post office needs its own segment of government that absolutely runs it as a private business. Bring in business moguls or CEO’s and make someone of that stature head of the Postal Service. The post office is ran as a government agency and like many other government agencies, its bleeding more money than it takes in. Its biggest competitors are PRIVATE BUSINESSES. More flexibility and innovation. First we lose Saturday service, next the Post Office? Don’t wait until things are dire to fix the issue. Fix it NOW.

In closing, I’m expecting a great speech from our president. However, now is a time for action, from our congress, senate and oval office. There’s too much work to be done on our house that is America for the two sides to be at a stand still over which tools to use. We need a little bit of them all to get the job done. So get it done.

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