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One weekend me and my girlfriend at the time, Caprice, happen to be in Harlem to see her twin sister and attend a Broadway show that her sister was a part of. While there we discussed “Valentine’s Day” which to this day I still think is a scam that quite possibly the Nigerians are responsible for. Ok, I kid. However, in discussing it, I told her how I spent upwards of $2500 on my previous mate for Valentines Day and in return I got a bag of Reese’s Cups, still in the CVS bag. Nope, not laid out on the bed, not melted and drizzled all over her curvaceous body. In the bag, that was in another bag. Now let me tell you what I did. 2 dozen roses to her job. 1 dozen white, 1 dozen red. All long stem with THE WIRES in them (which she made a point to point out because she never received long stem roses, or at least long stem ones that needed wires.) I also purchased a dress she was looking at, as well as shoes to go with. I rented a rooftop area of a restaurant for just she and I, where we could see the ocean and skyline. I also had her daughter and the babysitter lay out the other 4 dozen roses for us to come home to. I REALLY loved her, we lived together. Why not do something different to keep the fire lit within our home? See how thoughtful I was? I did it out of love and the passion to make my partner happy. I sat down a month in advance and planned this out. She came home with a bag of Reese’s. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate has never tasted of so much despair and emptiness. BUT this blog isn’t about me crying to you guys. Its about YOU ladies. How you can pull off making Valentines Day all about YOU!.

Time is your Best Friend – Right now ladies, we’re less than 48 hours away from YOUR Super Bowl? What did you do to prepare for the big day? Are you nervous about what he has planned for you, if anything at all? Well you have a little time to fix that, but act fast. You have to use this time to your advantage and get him to thinking.

The Art Of Seduction – The easiest way to seduce a man is physical. We’re not on that here. Not so fast though. Grab your boy shorts, or full body fishnet, some heels – preferably the expensive ones that we made a face about when you said the price. Ok now, sit back and while he’s playing Call Of Duty or you two are watching the State Of The Union tonight prep that grocery list and menu in the notes section of your iPad or iPhone. Food is the best seduction. See, stop racking your brain about WHAT to get a real man. We love gratitude and appreciation. We eat that up. Maybe Surf & Turf or all Surf, not your world famous meatloaf. Yes, the meatloaf is good but it’s not conducive with the ambiance. You’re trying to juice Valentines Day for everything it’s worth and ground beef in a lump wont get you there, puddin’. A nice simple bottle of wine will do or, if the budget allows, purchase a few bottles of rosé champagne. Moët aren’t the only makers of it and there are a few delicious ones for $20 (made by Chandon, actually). You will need this for dessert as well. NOW, Light the candles around the room – not on the table, that’s so cliche. If you don’t have candles, go out and get some. If you need a sexy scent: Ginger Peach from Pier One. I keep them in my house in Cali and I always receive compliments on the scent.

Dessert: You can come up with whatever you please, however it should be done a little later and be interactive. Dessert is often know as the fun part of the meal, who said the fun was to only include more food? Offer dessert and commence to bring out your massage oils. (I know you aren’t complaining woman! You’re trying to keep your man and keep him happy or no?) Give him a nice hand and arm massage (legs & feet as he sits as well, IF neither one of u have a issue touching feet.) Use this time to talk, getting acquainted with future plans and goals for the both of you, and how much you appreciate and love him for who he is. Allow him to sip his rosé or wine (I recently saw some cheesecake filled strawberries…if you can incorporate that into dessert,YOU SHOULD.) Right now already in his mind, he’s thinking “I gotta top this shit. Damn, she went all out. Wait til’ I tell the fellas at work.” You have essentially disarmed him from giving you a less than stellar Valentines Day. End the night by doing what grown folks do.

The Outcome – You awake and its Valentines Day. The world is yours puddin’. Sit back and expect the best. YOU EARNED IT! Classic instance of “Return On Investment”. There’s nothing else for you to do but breathe. Meanwhile, every man who is a victim of this plan I laid out here is bumping and knocking into each other to get that last over-the-top thing for their lady who they adore so much. You won. Everyone leaves happy. My work here is done.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Enjoy love, enjoy life, enjoy life and love with each other. Let it not be what YOU can get out of the relationship or a holiday. Let it be what the BOTH OF YOU can get. In a row boat of 2 people each has a duty. If not, you just end up going in circles.

@PhillyTheBoss is Author of the eBook ‘Self-Medication’, a introspective look into his life written in Journal form. It invites the reader in on a relatable journey in order the assist the reader to be introspective themselves. You can purchase Self-Medication on iTunes here: “Self-Medication

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