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I don’t know what the deal is with this guy. He seems to be very “shaky” when it comes to character. The mother of your child is standing on a plank and instead of talking everyone down you state “What she said was racially insensitive.” You don’t speak for the entire race, I wasn’t offended. I’m glad she stood up for herself instead of looking like the “the lil helpless white woman on a show full of wolves” and secondly she was baited. If I go out and attack a white man what do I look like calling Jesse Jackson if he calls me a “nigger” after I provoke him? People say hurtful things when being attacked. They want you to sting the way they’re feeling the sting. Do I think she is racist, no. She just needs to be cognizant of how things come off if and when she’s in the lens of a camera. YOU as a man, don’t leave an opening for that. You’re Job as a man is to protect, and if you’re checking her in private, keep that private. “My lady isn’t racist, its a dumb ass question. Look at me, look at our son, look at the dynamic of our relationship. Next question.” Is how I would’ve answered that.

Here’s what Cons had to say:
“I told y’all that raccoon was passing diseases. The whole audience just got infected. Jen is not a racist. The hoe (Raqi) made her mad and she defended herself in a racially insensitive manner,” Consequence said Tuesday. “I wasn’t there and we are arguing about it. That’s the reality right now!”

As seen on “Love & Hip Hop,” Jen yelled out “I’m white honey… It will get done” after a disagreement with Raqi. The entire argument was over how she chooses to conduct herself, when interviewing guests on a radio show, that they were pitching to New York radio station Hot 97.

Raqi Thunda has spoken out claiming that Jen is nothing but a “self entitled” woman.

“I don’t know her and learned quick (that) she’s a self entitled user that thinks things should just happen for her,” Raqi said Tuesday.

In related news, Joe Budden confronted Consequence and Jen while they were setting up for an interview with Hot 97 Last Tuesday morning. While there was no yelling or physical fight, Joe Budden made it very clear that he is not a fan of people acting one way in his presence and acting another way when they are being interviewed.

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