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Recently I tweeted “Tonight my girlfriends & I were talking about how ladies really do enjoy annoying our men & seeing them get all worked up.” The tweet received a lot of attention and was met with some questioning…and today I’m here to (hopefully) provide some insight! Keep in mind that I can only speak for myself and those few girlfriends of mine, so this may not be applicable in every situation, but we’ll use our imaginations here…

I’d also like to include that when I use the word “annoy” I’m not talking about nagging you until you wanna turn us inside out. I’m referring to those moments when you’re so frustrated from us poking fun at your little idiosyncrasies. You know, shit you wouldn’t even think about but we manage to point it out and get under your skin. Teasing you..

So, why do we enjoy watching you squirm so much? Primarily because it’s really funny. I mean, of the two genders, men are known for cuttin’ up with their friends and bustin’ each others chops. It’s only right we get to have a little fun too. Something about you rolling your eyes and watching your face scrunch up in frustration is so entertaining. We find humor in you sulking like a little boy. For example, your sister told me about the time when you were in middle school and you did some really embarrassing shit….I’d probably think of some of the most comedic things to say about it. Now you’re all worked up. Hilarious.

Another reason (and one of my personal favorites) women harass men like this is because seeing you get mad is turn on. You’re just so damn sexy when you’re mad!!! Word to Ne-Yo. I know the guys themselves have experienced this same phenomenon, if you will. Watching your muscles tense, your jaw tighten, and your eyes burn gets us so excited – three words…make. up. sex. YUM.

In continuation – because I WILL get carried away with the previous – a third motivation of ours is that it lets us know that you care. Before I even go on to explain this one I want to say that I am fully aware that us women have crazy logic sometimes. This is one of those times. Anyway, when you get mad at us it shows us that you care about what we’re saying, how we perceive you, and also allows us to see you in a different element. Girls by nature are emotional beings, so when we evoke an emotional reaction out of you we feed off of it. It’s nice to know you’re not always Mr. Tough Guy. This, again, may not reflect the way all girls think. Or they may not be willing to admit that it does. This one’s tough, I guess.

An additional reason is, well, picture this: you’re laying’ on the couch with your girl, watching the playoffs. All of a sudden your girls leg comes flying out of nowhere as she throws herself on top of you. I can already imagine the eye rolls as you’re reading… you’re tryin’ to watch the playoffs, THE PLAYOFFS. Sorry guys, we’re bored and want your attention. Right now. We don’t care about the playoff game. We don’t care about the fourth quarter. And we definitely don’t care about defense. We want your undivided!!! While some girls may be understanding of the fact that it is the playoffs, and your team is up…that still doesn’t exempt our need for attention and such. I know, we’re naturally pains in the ass.

So, next time your girl pulls any one of these moves and you find yourself aggravated, just remember it all comes from a good place. We really do love you, we just love picking on you as well. Just the same as men like to get us all riled up. It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s harmless. In conclusion, knowing we can get to you, and how, is something that we truly do enjoy

Thank you @PhillyTheBoss for allowing me the privilege of posting my thoughts onto such an influential body of work, Sophisticated Ignorance!

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