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Our good friend @NikitaFemm3 is known for dropping half naked men all over the timeline, so we decided to put her to good use. Her initial list had me, @PhillyTheBoss in the top 5 spots but after a lot of persuasion I finally got her to adjust the list. Without any further hold up, here’s her top 15 Male celebs.

1. Christiano RonaldoRonaldo is everything a soccer player should be. Real Madrid’s forward is the highest paid footballer with the most gorgeous black, Portuguese locks and the abdominals that can only be described as art. His smile is warm and the way knows his way around a soccer field is just sexy. This 6’1” striking young man is EVERYTHING that I need to smile when I’m sad.

2. Shemar MooreHe has that fiery passion in his eyes that makes me squirm every time I watch Criminal Minds. With abs that kill and arms that make me swoon, he makes me weak and I’m all the way okay with this.

3. Denzel WashingtonWhether he is playing a bad guy or not, I just can’t take my eyes off him. Like a good bottle of wine, Denzel ages flawlessly and I’m sure tastes just the same.

4. Chase CrawfordYou may know him as Nate Archibald in “Gossip Girl,” but this 27 year old Texan is the star of my dreams. He’s a scruffy chic sexy and his smile is to DIE FOR. He isn’t built muscularly, but rather he has a down-to-earth rich boy feel to him.

5. Ryan GoslingThere’s no denying that deal ol’ Ryan is beautiful. I, personally, fell in love with him when I saw him in Nicolas Sparks’ “The Notebook” and was hooked. Whether he’s playing Noah in a tear-jerking love story or a Jewish Neo-Nazi… I just want to rip his clothes off and….

6. Columbus ShortMy favorite Pope & Associates gladiator for sure. His sexy stare, hot body and gorgeous lips keep calling me back for more. I just want him to take charge in the bedroom, and just……

7. Reggie Bushthis Dolphin’s running back is something else. His strong, muscular 6’0” body is pure perfection. His smile is pure perfection. Hell, HE IS PURE PERFECTION.

8. Jesse WilliamsThe most STUNNING eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy can take my blood pressure any and every day… WITH. OUT. FAIL. He’s a little skinny for my liking, but his face makes up for it.

9. Channing Tatum“People” magazine’s 2012 Sexiest Man Alive is just that…. Sexy. With a body crafted by the Lord God HIMSELF… Channing definitely deserved his 2012 title. He’s scorching hot in each of his roles and draws the emotion out of me each time; that is extremely erotic.

10. Justin TimberlakeWe’ve come a long way from the Mickey Mouse Club with dear Justin. Whether he’s acting or singing, Mr. Timberlake exudes sensuality. He can be goofy or downright racy; either way, it’s sexy. He has GORGEOUS eyes and quite the voice of seduction. It’s just… YUM.

11. Laz AlonzoWith his youthful charm and chiseled good looks, I’m always fanning myself when he’s on the screen. Laz is an absolutely exquisite Cuban and he has that crooked smile that makes me swoon.

12. Gerald ButlerMY GOD, the things I would do to this man. His crooked smile gets to me and I just SWOON. Not to mention his Scottish accent *le sigh.* With his dreamy blue eyes and his animalistic aura, Mr. Butler is definitely my favorite lawyer-turned-actor.

13. Will SmithMr. Smith lunges himself into every role he has and it’s awesome. He tends to remind us that nothing’s sexier than a man showing emotion. He’s a very beautiful man with a beautiful family and it’s all just VERY sexy.

14. Leonardo DiCaprioLeo Leo Leo. One of THE most versatile actors I’ve ever seen and he has been gorgeous in EVERY single role, whether protagonist, antagonist, whatever. His baby-faced good looks make Leo just the heartthrob he is.

15. Idris ElbaOooh Lawwd Yes. Idrissa Akuna “Idris” Elba (with his splendid English accent) is chocolatey goodness from head to toe. He has a confident quality about him; he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it. What isn’t sexy about that?

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