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I was recently in dialogue with someone close to my heart about “Free Will” & God’s role in our lives and it led me into deep thought about how we overlook one of God’s greatest gifts “Free Will” and we’re more apt to use God as a crutch in the most unnecessary situations. I personally think, especially in the black community, church has hindered our people. It seems like the more people go, the more they are depending on God to sort life’s great mysteries out for them. What did he give you life for if you’re not going to utilize it to explore? You can enjoy life without condemning yourself to hell for eternity. It is possible…

While many of us cannot thank God enough for our many blessings. Many have become too reliant on the idea that things don’t move or happen unless God wants them to. This theory, for the life of me, I will never understand. Bible thumpers, relax. Hear me out. God gave you free will for what reasons? To choose your fate and destiny. Heaven and Hell exist because of our free will. Satan for example is a prime example of free will. He chose his fate. Why wouldn’t God want to control one of his greatest angels? We inherently know right from wrong. How is it when something doesn’t go as planned “That’s not what God wanted for me, He has something better for me,” is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe you didn’t get that job because you weren’t the best possible fit. See, here is my issue. Those negro spirituals our ancestors used to sing in the cotton fields aren’t the only thing that stuck with us. That same sense of suppression is alive and well, without any real reason. Slaves prayed day in and day out and finally one day “God put it in the heart of the white man” to set them free. I can see how THAT is considered the work of God. Yet, many of us are battling our own suppression. Most humans aren’t living up to 50% of their potential in my opinion. Therefore many of the things we pursue we shouldn’t be pursuing to begin with.

Currently, there are how many college graduates under-employed or unemployed? Why? Maybe it’s because they are too busy trying to live the American Dream instead of THEIR dream. You were raised to think “If I leave college with a degree, I’m almost guaranteed a good paying job.” Now everyone is leaving college, moving back home and becoming another hamster in the wheel of life. Fighting for the same crumbs everyone else was trained and programmed to fight for. Then, to top it off, you’re now a slave to Sallie Mae, there’s no negro spiritual that’s going to get Sallie Mae to go away. She’s there until she gets her money my man. Don’t mistake this as a knock against college. Many people HAVE to go, it’s not for everyone though. Stop having it programmed into your mind that you must attend college to win or that you must adhere to a particular predetermined process to be successful. The world is full of people lacking their identity all while underachieving because they are following others guidelines. You need to be in touch with yourself. Know you, know where YOU can excel. Then take the proper preparation and execution to get that done. If it’s college, so be it. If not, pursue life. The winners in life aren’t the ones who went by someone else’s blueprint, they’ve created their own.

I often sit back and wonder what everyone’s intentions are. Is it a hand up or a handout that they want? One of my many jobs is in the music industry. I sit back and watch artists sign to a popular artist and then wait for that artist to give them the green light to do things. I also see artists have 100 people in their entourage only to sit back and fall off thus being unable to feed all the wolves they were once feeding. What do these guys do? They’re around for protection? How many issues do you have and no amount of security that can stop a head shot or barrage of bullets. Meanwhile they could be, being proactive on your behalf and setting up shows. Why wait for bookings when you can make more money booking yourself? Let’s say an artist rate is 10k. Venue holds 1k people. $20-$30 alone would double to triple what you gross. Instead, you wait for people to email you, make offers on that 10k which someone gets 10-20% of off top. Not to include whoever else you breaking bread with outside of management. Bosses create revenue in unconventional ways, Employees wait on revenue in the most conventional ways. Use your “Free Will” to pursue more. If someone sits you at the table, don’t wait for them to fix your plate. Only you know your appetite. The United States Of America is a capitalist society. How do you expect to be successful if you don’t capitalize on the opportunities? You’re waiting for someone to feed you? That would mean you’re waiting on them to give you what they think you’re worth, instead of you going out and getting what you demand. Ironically, you can take a step back and watch the same underachievers sit back and doubt everyone else achievements unless its flaunted and then when it is flaunted its called being a braggart and you lack humility. We live in a world where we celebrate our successes and learn from our defeats. If someone else’s success bother you, then you likely aren’t doing enough to win yourself. I don’t doubt anyone else’s success because I’m a living testament of what focus and hard work, along with God’s blessing, can do for someone. Join the winners circle, live for you and it wont be so bothersome when winners, win.

“That’s not who God wanted for me, God has someone else that’s meant for me.” Or the Lonely classic “God Is the only man I need in my life.” Listen here ma’am. God doesn’t want to be your man. You don’t even listen to him. That’s why you’re alone now. From the day we’re able to comprehend attraction to others, we build this ideal person of who WE can stand to be with and not who naturally fits. Therefore all the men God has created for your type, you have overlooked for the ‘created player’ within your imagination. You all can regurgitate those cliched lonely, fake, spiritual lines all you please. The reality is, the biggest obstacle in your love life is.. YOU. Again, the dead horse here name is ‘Free Will’, you have the free will to explore all your likes and dislikes. However to force a relationship with someone doesn’t fit you as a person internally is all your fault. Once hurt you can’t escape back to your lines about God. You technically disobeyed him by pursuing who you pursued. When the heartbreak and disappointment is a fresh wound we love to get spiritual. Use your GOD GIVEN comprehension skills to understand what you need to keep you happy. God ordained and blessed you with the skills to think and learn on your own. You suppress that by trying to appease other senses. When you’re heartbroken you’re more damaged on the inside than you ever will be on the outside, so why don’t you ever try to find someone that nurture and nourishes you internally? God gave you all the tools to be happy here on his Earth and you pray and beg more of him? How selfish are you? When you pray, you should be thanking him.

Broken Shackles
See, the thing about life is, it’s not what “God has planned for your life”, it’s about God’s blessings in your life when you show and prove what you want. Every time I’ve been down on my luck I sat in silence and thanked God for everything he has already done for me and to continue watching over me as I refocus and try to get things right. I believe that he blesses everything that is right. My God is a minimally invasive God, meaning everything meant for me to live righteously is instilled in me. I choose right from wrong, I choose my path. The “clarity” we search for was present before we dove into the fog. He gave me Free Will…and the best part about it, it costs me nothing. It’s free. I’m free. To be everything I set out to accomplish. It gets no better than that. Enough of this though, I have some “Free Will” to go utilize.. this shit is better than WiFi I tell ya.

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  1. Brad says:

    One of the best posts I’ve ever read. Gave me great clarity on a situation I’m dealing with now. Keep this up.

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