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If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s struggle. Being a product of middle and lower class America, nothing was drilled so deeply in me during adolescence as the benefits of struggle. Struggle builds character, it’s a set up for something greater, and of course those who struggle the most are the only being tested on their strength. We get so used to struggling that we neglect to put in the necessary work to overcome it. Struggling is a way of life for so many people, the only way of life they choose to know. We focus so much on struggle that we forget about what’s really important, progress and success.

I’ve had days where I had to choose between using the change my mother left on the nightstand for me toward bus fare or lunch for the day. I’ve waited through two periods of breakfast for the lunch lady to give me the food she had left over instead of throwing it in the trash. For years I lived check to check, one paycheck away from being homeless and many times down to my last dollar the day before payday. I would anxiously await midnight when my direct deposit would go through. Then I got tired.

There came a point when I decided enough is enough. I refuse to live in struggle for the rest of my life. Yes struggle will teach some very good lessons, but struggle does not have to be a permanent state of being. With the right mindset and actions, abundance is anyone’s. There is more than enough of everything we need on this earth, we just have to learn to use it wisely. Whatever you’re struggling with; money, relationships, jobs, self, realize that you can release it at any moment by changing your thoughts and actions. Nothing you’re struggling with is new, someone somewhere struggled with it before and someone somewhere overcame it before and you can too.

“Your greatest rewards are often preceded by your greatest stresses.” 

I’d like to add the word struggles to that quote. As I reflect on my trials, my determination to turn them into wins is what kept me from slipping into that endless cycle of struggle. Not just for me, but for my friends, family, and future family. I don’t want my children thinking struggle is all there is so I choose today to do what will allow me to show them abundance. I want others to look at my life and see that there is more to life than struggle. Strive for success today and everyday. Struggle is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be where you dwell. You should only pass through struggle as  you’re striving for success.

-Don’t Ever Say Impossible

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