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Last week I touched on how we find ourselves in what feels like a never ending cycle of struggle in my post, “Striving to Struggle.” What we want is to flip that and immerse ourselves in a cycle of success. Success is realizing a dream, the coming to fruition of what we have envisioned and conjured up in our minds while enjoying life. I had to add the latter part because everything in our lives is happening because of our thoughts, yes even those situations that we don’t enjoy. They stem from some thought that we are holding on to.A friend of mine asked me how does one stop struggling. Here are my 3 Steps:

  1. Decide and commit to success. First take an honest look at where you are and what’s going on around you. Are you struggling or on your way to success? If you’re struggling, say aloud to yourself that you choose to succeed in life. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a commitment to yourself to live the best life you can.
  2. Think success. As I previously stated, our mind is so powerful. If you’re in constant struggle,it’s because  you’re constantly thinking struggle. What you focus on and give energy to is what will continue. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. It took years for me to really understand that. Through the things we tell ourselves and other people, we sometimes keep ourselves from greatness. Phrases such as, “If it ain’t one thing it’s another,” or “When it rains it pours,” keep us focused on struggle. Next time you find yourself or someone else about to utter a struggle supporting phrase, flip it! Remind yourself or the other person that whatever happens is temporary and shall pass. Affirm that the best is yet to come and success is inevitable!
  3. Take Action. Taking action is a combination of facing fear and thinking through but not over thinking. It’s thinking just enough and about the best things that help build momentum to get you moving toward success and out of struggle. The most effective and efficient way to get to success is to work at it daily. If it’s success you seek, you must do something everyday to help you achieve it. It can be starting to save $1 a day to get you closer to financial freedom or only drinking water to start a weight loss program. Turn off the TV and allocate your time and resources wisely so you can succeed. You must spend your time working toward success so you can flip the flow of the cycle you’re in.

What will you do today that will move you closer to success tomorrow? 


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