#SoPhi | “You’re Not A Victim, You’re A Volunteer” By @HazTv

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People Complain The Most About The Shit They Sign Up For



A wise man once said “Before you start to complain, do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up.” Think about it. That same energy you wasted feeling sorry for yourself could’ve been used productively to actually come up with a solution to whatever the problem was. As humans we all find ourselves in situations filled with frustration where things seem out of our control and feel the only thing left we can do is complain and seek pity from our peers. The thing is, pity rarely ever solves problems. Unless they’re gonna feel sorry enough to pay your rent when you ain’t got it, them just being a pair of ears for your crying and complaining isn’t doing anything for anybody involved. Sure it feels good to let it all out as they say but at some point we as a society have to realize that most of our problems are our own doing and can be resolved. It’s time to start doing more fixing and less bitching.





When I was 18 I was arrested for first degree armed robbery. A month after my 18th birthday and two weeks after my high school graduation I was facing 30 years in prison. Fortunate enough to have a Cohen on the case I managed to evade prison and convicted felon status but I couldn’t escape the fact that choices equal consequences. People fail to realize that simple fact of life and get themselves into situations where they lose all power and then turn around and conveniently play the victim. I spent nearly the past 10 years of my life doing just that, playing the victim and thus becoming one. Not only did I allow for my criminal record to hinder my progress but I continued to make “mistake” after “mistake” while trying to find a way out of the hole I dug for myself, only building that same record even more and digging the hole even deeper. Basically stacking an already stacked deck against the back of Haz neck. I took what I was given and thus I got what I received. Ya’ll don’t hear me tho. I eventually decided that I can sit back and continue to accept no for an answer from every company that hired me then ran my background check only to fire me and “take what I can get” or I can invest in myself and get what I can take. You see the beautiful part about life is that you are the author of your story. However you decide for it to end is up to you.



One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is that there is no such thing as good or bad luck. Luck is merely the result of the position you place yourself in based off of the actions you make. People with so called “good luck” usually place themselves in position for good things to happen to them while people with so called “bad luck” do the exact opposite. They put themselves in harms way and then wonder why bad things happen to them. You’re not a victim you’re a volunteer. Nobody made you get pregnant by that ain’t shit ass nigga or go raw in that trifling hoe. Nobody made you sell drugs like it was legal or fall in love with a nigga whose only goal in life was to break  his kill streak record on Call of Duty. Nobody made you slack off in school or apply for that dead end job that you hate going to every morning that you wake up. Nobody made you follow these corny niggas on twitter that spew their #TwitterLogic that you complain about everyday and nobody put you in the position you are in today but YOU. Be an adult and have some accountability for your choices and take some responsibility for the consequences that follow. You see this time last year I was in full blown victim mode and was making just above 10 dollar an hour. That was barely enough to survive let alone enjoy myself after all my bills were paid. Niggas swore I was joking when I said I was broke. I had no plan for how I’d improve my situation and thought I’d be in that little ass apartment for the rest of my life.  Fast forward to today and I’m getting paid to travel the country, soon to be the world and on pace to make 6 figures in as quick as the next year or two with just a high school diploma to my name. No college degree or debt necessary (Fuck Sallie Mae). The moment I realized that I was truly in control of my destiny is the moment I did something about it and my quality of life has increased 100% since then. Ask yourself what YOU can do to put yourself where you need to be and then get up off your ass and do it. Stop complaining to people that only listen to you because they are “supposed” to care. The fact of the matter is they don’t care and they shouldn’t.  You’re Not A Victim You’re a Volunteer. What you gonna do about it? As always I’m just a regular nigga with an opinion, feel free to follow.

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