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“Why you gettin’ all up in your head for? You’re not gonna marry this girl. The only way you can fuck this up is if you get her pregnant” – Adam Carolla


  No matter what they tell you, all people are NOT created equal. The majority of the relationships you have in your lifetime will be temporary and the sooner people embrace this simple yet unfortunate fact of life the easier the transition from one relationship to the next will be. I discovered this theory while listening to an episode of the Adam Carolla show and decided to share it with you niggas. It can probably be applied to all forms of relationships (Friends, coworkers, even family) but it was originally created with dating in mind. Also it’s useful for all ages but it’s really for the younger crowd so you older niggas & bitches just fall back and see if it ain’t too late to learn something.



    Now when it comes to dating there are two different types of people you will find yourself dealing with. They will either be considered a hot dog or a hamburger. A ho t dog is basically somebody you enjoy for the moment and don’t invest too much time or energy into. You just throw some ketchup and mustard on that muthafucka and accept it for what it is. A hamburger on the other hand is somebody that is worth the time and commitment. It’s a person that has the qualities and characteristics of a main course as opposed to a quick snack. You can add all types of toppings on it, choose which type of bun you want, how you want the meat cooked and create your own masterpiece in the end if you invest enough into it. Most of the time hot dogs  just aren’t worth the hype. Think about the last cookout you were at. Niggas usually grab a hot dog to hold them over until the hamburgers are ready. Some will even say fuck that and just wait for them to come off the grill first before they eat. When is the last time you went to a cookout and seen niggas waiting in line for hot dogs? The point of this theory is you can’t try to wife every hoe you like. The same applies especially for women. You have to learn to separate the hot dogs from the hamburgers or you will forever find yourself investing unnecessary time and emotions into the wrong people. Everybody cant be a hamburger, its just the way it is. That doesn’t mean they are bad people or aren’t worth any of your time. You just have to know how to deal with them and when to cut them off. It might sound kind of heartless but young people jump into relationships everyday unprepared and end up thinking they will be with that person forever. They fool themselves into believing that their hot dog is truly a hamburger and end up having children and becoming attached to that person for the rest of their lives and are miserable because of it. Treat a summer fling like a summer fling and just enjoy it. You are too young to be thinking about settling down right now anyway and have bigger and more important things to be focusing your energy on. Accept people for who they are and enjoy them while they last. Then when the time is right and your hamburger finally comes along you won’t be all burnt out and scarred from failed relationship after failed relationship. At the same time don’t get so full off hot dogs that you don’t leave any room for when your hamburger is ready. Pace yourself and choose wisely. Every man and woman you meet today won’t be there tomorrow and that is perfectly fine. Stop thinking they are supposed to. Just make sure you don’t get or get them pregnant and everything will be alright. In the end one man’s hot dog is another man’s hamburger so there is still someone for everyone. What’s  right for you most likely won’t be right for me so make the best decision you can make for yourself and be happy with the moment. Look at every relationship as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. When it’s over reflect on it and most importantly on yourself and see what you can do different the next time to improve things for the better That’s the only way you will ever be successful. O and for the people that say they don’t believe in “wasting time” with someone they know they won’t be with forever shut the fuck up. Those are the main one’s that are single right  now constantly holding out for the perfect person. If you get in a relationship for the  right reason it’s never a waste of time. If you utilize the situation for education instead of gratification then you will realize that there is no such thing as a waste of time. That logic will have you on the losing end for the majority if not the remainder of your life. Grow the fuck up. As always, I’m just a regular nigga with an opinion. Feel free to follow

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