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The other day I’m scrolling Facebook, which I rarely do because I find it depressing, and I come across this photo:



What a warped way of looking at things. Do these things happen? Yes. Of course they do, but let’s look at why. I believe our thoughts and words carry energy, energy so strong that it affects and controls our lives. One of my favorite quotes is, “What’s going on in people’s lives is what’s going on in people’s minds.” So why then do “good things happen to bad people”? Why are so many people broke and unhappy? Why are so many people experiencing hardships in life? Who would think unfortunate events into their life?? Here’s the thing, we all do at some point in time. Events that aren’t the most pleasant to experience are brought about to teach us a lesson. Either we recognize that we are unhappy and begin to change our thinking to bring about more enjoyable circumstances or ¬†we keep ourselves right where we are. What you focus on and give energy to is exactly what you will continue to see. I am such a Positive Patty that whatever I find myself in, I search for the lesson and the silver lining. Doing this allows me to detach from the situation emotionally and critically think my way into doing something to flip things in my favor.

Nothing I write about is new information. Nothing. I just hope to phrase it in a new way or a way that gives you that push you need to finally feel ready and strong enough to make whatever change you need to be closer to living your best life.Or maybe you’ve already changed and just need a reaffirmation that you’re on the right track. Look around and ask yourself if you like what you see. If not, look for what thoughts you may need to release in order to change your view of things. Believe that you can always have more than what’s presently visible. Believe that things can and will always improve. Belief is the first step to anything in life. Believe that anything you no longer want to experience shall pass soon and it shall be. Only speak positive experiences into your life. Don’t ever say impossible.

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