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Lion & LionessAlpha Male: Socially Dominant In A Group. Displays or exudes power or a powerful position.

Like the next man, I love to be entertained. Watching sports, cracking jokes with my close friends, catch a movie, take a beautiful woman out, or even if it’s just heading to the man cave in the house and playing pool with ESPN blaring in the background. Fun is fun, we all love to have fun. However as men there’s a point where you draw the line.

I write this blog because too many self-proclaimed manly men are afraid to speak out or speak up to their peers when they see bullshit transpiring. In their eyes it’s better to go along to get along rather than risk their image to other men, thus allowing a snowball of manure turn into an avalanche of fecal matter.

Recently a video of a father disciplining his teenage daughters with a cord (for maybe 10-20 seconds a piece) hit the internet. The reason being is they were creating a “twerk video”. For my readers who are unfamiliar with what a twerk video is: You walk into your daughters room and she has the webcam on ‘record’ while bending over and shaking her ass into the camera. The attire for typical videos are usually boy short and tank tops… or less. So, you walk in on your 15-16 year old daughter doing this and you say “Baby what are doing? Here, sit. Let’s talk about how these choices may affect your life”, Really? Hell no you wont! What we know is the father used a cord to whip his children, what we don’t know is the dynamic of everything going on within the household. Yet, people called him a poor father for his choice in disciplining these girls. Do I think it was a bit extreme? Yes. However neither child seemed like they were in excruciating pain directly after or injured. Furthermore, look at social media. Way too many young women are using their bodies as bait to grip the attention of men. Sexually suggestive tweets, posts, pics, videos and more. In fact there are women who basically ‘CC:’ multiple men and groups of men nude pictures. I recall that being stated and a common response was “So, who cares?” That’s the issue. We went from providing for, securing, and being something women could be proud of to making them prey while we circle overhead waiting for the opportune time or angle.

A further exhibition of lack of security is a young, school-aged black lady was attacked for the girth of her nose. The attacks were relentless. I finally clicked the pic and thought “She looks young as hell.” I went to her timeline and within her last 50 tweets you could see references to classes and homework. All I could think of is “there’s grown ass men relentlessly attacking this young lady for her looks, while misguided women cosign this garbage.” Not to mention after her twitter experience being ruined, if anyone from her high school caught wind of what was going on via twitter it could have ended all bad. What’s jarring is men who want to be perceived as manly men. They take care and provide for their women, yet will find the most ridiculous reason to ridicule women. Not because she’s a piss poor person. Yet because her nose was big, which is prominent in the African culture. Many Africans, before the races mixed, had big noses. Therefore what are we making fun of when we pinpoint such things to ridicule? At this point I’m sure a few people are exiting this post because they feel beyond stupid for their actions. It’s O.K., feeling ashamed sometimes change ridiculous habits.

If you tune into social media sites like Twitter long enough you will see the self-proclaimed cool crowd complain about “bird” type women or women who are less than women, and at some point in the same day enable these same women to continue their bird ways. To all my feminists, turn your heads for a second. Fellas, If you set the standard for what’s acceptable, they have no other choice but to adhere to those standards in order to be desirable. If you set the bar low, expect nothing but trash. Set the bar high, expect the best. Her cute ass can only be alone but for so long. You don’t need to enable the bullshit in order to be relevant to her. She can be attractive and have a quality mindset. However you all are out here hunting and pecking at scraps instead of helping women grow. It’s gotten so bad that instead of being men, y’all are acting as messy as the women. Therefore now, when there’s maybe the handful of guys who feel what it is that you’re doing is stupid its referred to as “saving hoes”. I’m not saving “hoes,” I’m saving men – ┬ábecause as long as there are bottom feeders out here embarrassing the brand that is “MEN” there needs to be men standing up for the brand.

I’m not here to preach, I’m just here to expose flaws in the design there so it can be repaired. When you see a group of insecure females ganging up on one female, don’t jump in adding your 2 cents. You’re not Virgil or Jim Cornett & this isn’t the WWE. If you cant defuse the situation don’t enable it and make it appear cool to do. First and foremost content and confident women don’t attack another womens looks. They also know how to disagree and keep some tact and class. You jumping into it amplifying the foolery only makes you seem even more of a fool. Get your jokes off, but to do it at the expense of women or to disgrace them, isn’t manly behavior. “Nudes leak everyday, why say something?” Because it’s not cool? Are you that deprived or too corny to get naked pics from a woman on your own that you don’t want to rock the boat and mess up your good thing? The mentality of some of you disgust me. They same way some of you transformed into making yourself cool, attempt to try to be men now. I promise, no one will complain.

Men with natural leadership qualities are never without. Therefore, stop chasing the vagina and let what leadership capabilities you have exude through your pores. We can’t all be ‘Alpha Men’ however it shouldn’t stop you from being men. Let’s stop preying on our own, being afraid to lead, etc. Step forward, be a man, and protect yours.

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