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Ambiance: A-
Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Price: $$
Food: C-

Upon Entry to RA on a late Friday night. I noticed an extensive line in this trendy and well designed restaurant. Definitely a good place to party and eat. After approaching the hostess, I was informed that there was an hour wait for downstairs seating but upstairs you may seat yourself if you find a spot. I was there for food and not to hang out so I abruptly marched my way upstairs to find a second level of with prime seating. We seated ourselves, ordered beverages and began to wait for service. It took quite a while to the point where the DJ had to step from behind the booth, advise me “The waitress will be right with you” and then go fetch the waitress. Our waitress was solid nothing to rave about nor much to complain about. Sweet personality, Ok service.

Upon reviewing the menu, the prices weren’t that bad. Especially in comparison to the South Beach Prices that I’m accustomed to…
Gojira Roll
First Up, I ordered the “Gojira Roll” which is designated as their “specialty roll” as suggested by the waitress. (Seen above. Note: note too sure what happened to the fancy design on the plate. I’ll take the blame for this.) If done with care, that would have been awesome. The Gojira Roll is basically shrimp tempura, kani kama crab mix, cream cheese & cucumber rolled & topped with spicy tuna & spinach tempura bits; served with sriracha & spicy mayo. Great mix, poor execution which resulted in a just above average Sushi Roll. I couldn’t blame her for the suggestion because I tasted the potential. It just came off real mediocre. Partly due to rice not perfectly cooked for sushi and it being poorly wrapped. My sushi basically became finger food before long and I felt ridiculous somewhat.

Next up I tried the Soft Shell Crab Roll, As Seen Here..
Soft Crab Roll
Not Bad.. Not Bad at all. This came off as more of the specialty than the previous item. Everything was as perfect as I would expect after trying the first item. Not as great as I’m accustom to, but good enough to leave a positive memory. The soy paper and vegetables added great texture to accompany the crab and my somewhat quality palate sprung back to life. I would definitely suggest this item to the novices to sushi and those who want something pleasing to the buds. Not too sure I would suggest it from this restaurant.

The ambiance and atmosphere is great, prices are decent, service was shotty and the meal was hit or miss. Would I go again? Possibly, If I was all out of options for Sushi elsewhere. The potential is there, I’m just not too sure they care to maximize it.

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