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Crazy Woman
Hi Philly,

I’ve been sleeping with this guy since New Years, and he’s told me from jump he’s in love with his ex. I accepted it, I just wanted some sex. We proceed, sleep together about 4 times a week and text about every day. Moreover, whenever I go over there it’s not just sex and I leave, we always hang out a bit. He’s talking to his ex again and I was made aware that she was going to be there Friday but then he called me to come over on Saturday and I did. I’m pretty sure he slept with her on Friday because I found used condoms in the trash. I’m very much confused in my mind as to why and how is he in love with her and trying to get back with her, why is he sleeping with me? I know you probably, think I’m stupid but I find this extremely confusing! Please Help Me Philly!!
-Ms. Brand

Philly Says:

LOL! No, I’m not thinking you’re stupid. I’m thinking you’re a woman. With that, comes a few things including teetering the boundary of crazy at times. Here goes. First, this is all your fault. He’s absolutely doing nothing wrong. He made you aware that he’s in love with his ex, you INITIALLY wanted JUST SEX. He fucked the shit out of you, was bored or had nothing to do after he got his nut and decided to watch a movie with you or what not and YOU proceeded to go and cloud your own judgment. Let me explain something. Just because we’re fucking doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a dope enough person to go get a drink with, catch a movie with, etc. If we lay down the guidelines before penetration happens, all’s fair. What did you go and do though? Catch feelings. You went through the mans trash?! For evidence he was fucking her huh? Of course he is, he’s in love with her, however your pussy is awesome if he’s in it four times a week and hangs out with you. Why couldn’t you leave it at that? Nope you wanted to go and fuck with your own head. Now all you can do is visualize him flipping her into all them positions he put you in sexually and your heart hurts. This is the issue with most women.. They know upfront what they’re getting in to, but they then go searching for evidence and bullshit to confirm. How about you try to enjoy the happiness?

At this point, just dead it. You’re too emotionally attached to continue you on and it wouldn’t be fair to him if you tried to mess that relationship up. He didn’t lie to you and then get you pregnant or anything. You both were intimate with each other with full disclosure and he hit your “emo” button with his penis. Exit stage left. Pull yourself together and find some dick that wont have you sitting in a corner rocking.

P.S. How can one get this type of arrangement? Asking for a friend of course…


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