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MollyGlamorized in the entertainment industry, “Molly” or MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) has become the recreational drug of choice these days. “Molly”  is the current fad name for the chemical drug used to make ecstasy . It’s said that the use of “Molly” has significantly increased in the past few years among 19-28 year old young adults and college students. “Molly” related emergency room visits have increased by nearly 123% since 2004. Those “Molly” involved incidents were sometimes caused by just that or combination of other drugs, alcohol, or both.

It usually comes in capsule or free powder form. The “good stuff” is white when it’s pure but most of the time a lot of people get their hands on the beige or yellow/brown stuff.

MDMA Molly pills

It’s reported that more people are likely to try “Molly” than other drugs besides marijuana. Popular in it’s early years among ravers and rock n rollers, it has regained popularity by trickling down into the the urban entertainment industry – especially in rap music.  The reason for this probably has something to do with the fact that it’s so openly and commonly mentioned in so many lyrics from artists ranging from the underground to those on major labels:

“Popped a molly. I’m sweatin. WHOO!” – Trinidad James (“All Gold Everything”)


“I don’t smoke no Bobby, but my denim be from Ricky/Got your girl a molly and we smoke loud and drinkin’/ Got my talk back so you can see what I been thinkin’”  – 2 Chainz (Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap”)


“MDMA got you feeling like a champion/the city never sleeps better slip you an ambien.”  – Jay Z (“Empire State of Mind”)


“Every Molly got my body feelin’ like I’m outer body/I’ll be high and above the rim, Amare Stoudemire” – Gunplay (“M1”)


“Something ’bout that Mary. She gone off that Molly…” – Kanye West (“Mercy”)


“She on Molly. She with Mary. At the same damn time…..” – Wale (“Same Damn Time (Remix)”)

 Rick Ross was recently dropped by Reebok after the referencing of it in his controversial “U.E.N.O” verse implying that he rapes a girl  after slipping it in the champagne:

“Put Molly all in the champagne, she dont even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she aint even know it”. – Rick Ross (Rocko’s “U.E.N.O”)

Wheres Waldo looking for mollyDo I think rap music is a major influence on the popularity of the drug? YES. Do I think they should be held accountable? For adults? NO, being that grown people should be held responsible for their own actions. It’s called making a mature decision. They’re protected by their first amendment right called the freedom of speech.

With the worldwide popularity of rap music, I think it’s the artist’s choice on if they care about being a role model or not. All of the blame can’t be solely on the rappers. It’s a bloggers choice to post the music. It’s a record label’s choice to distribute the music. It’s a radio stations and dj’s choice to play their music. It’s a tv channel’s choice to feature their videos.

In a perfect world, censorship would be the answer but we all know that we’re not living in that world. Music with “explicit content” can still be purchased by minors even with that black and white label on the covers of cds. Even though iTunes has an option for parents to block media with explicit content, with the internet being so accessible to anybody these days,  it’s easy for teens and curious pre-teens to get their hands on it without the permission of their parents and guardians.

I feel that it’s the parents responsibility to educate their kids about the dangers of the drug so that they at least have knowledge on it. You can only pray that your child listens to your advice.


The scary thing is even though people say that they’re “poppin Mollys”, the truth is that the majority of what people are taking isn’t even “real” MDMA. Pure MDMA has been heard to be diluted or mixed with bath salts, heroin and acid by street pharmacists. God knows what’s really in those things you’re popping unless you get it from a reliable source. Even though the pill may have the same color and logo, you never know what’s in it unless you’re the manufacturer.

It’s been reported that the real MDMA benefits psychotherapy BUT continued long term usage of it can be damaging.  It’s also easy to get addicted to because it’s effects fade in a short amount of time. For a thirty minute high, you’re risking permanent and irreversible damage to your brain, hears, kidney, and other vital organs.

Frequent complications from the usage of the drug include dehydration and exhaustion. More severe side effects include hyperthermia, seizures, electrolyte abnormalities, cardiac episodes and comas. It’s repeated usage can cause depression that some users experience the few following days after use. Is that anything you want to experience for the thrill of a high?

My suggestion, smoke some damn good cannibis and get a proper high that doesn’t cause all of the fuxxery that’ll hurt you long term.

What are you thoughts on “Molly”? Leave a comment……

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  1. Ben Taylor says:

    First let me point out that the entertainment indrustry does not glamorize drugs. There is no such thing as glamorizing drugs, there is no secret plan to subliminally influence “vulnerable young minds”. Any such claims has no basis in face or any information to gather a conclusion from. Artist make songs about real things that happen. I know this is hard to grasp. People these days like to get high, dig deal, things change. Oh, and most of the lyrics in this article are incorrectly quoted, and U.O.E.N.O it

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