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According to the law of cause and effect, life gives us exactly what we give it.  If we are half assing life, life will half ass us. If we are coasting and just doing enough to get by, life will provide us situations which are enough for us to get through the days but nothing more and nothing less. If we show up each day and give life our best, life will surely return the favor right back to us. But what is our best? Our best has nothing to do with what Tom, Hank, or Shirley over there are doing. Our best is whatever decision we can make right now in the present moment based on what we learned in our past experiences that will make our future resemble the vision we carry for ourselves. Everyone has a vision of themselves, who they are and what they would like to accomplish. We are lacking actually doing what it takes to get us there which is our best.

Our best is making decisions today that will benefit tomorrow. It’s having the courage to walk away from anything not supporting your vision and letting go of anyone holding you back from being who your vision calls you to be. Your best is choosing to only surround yourself with any and everything which pushes you toward growth. As you change and commit to doing your best, your life will also change and become a reflection of that.

“Expect nothing, except the best, accept everything.”

I think stole that from Jhene Aiko’s twitter a long time ago. I like this quote because it advises us to look at whatever is happening as the best situation for us to learn whatever lesson life has for us. And if we know we are giving life our best, we can be confident in life returning the favor. Take a moment today before you act and ask yourself, “Is that the best you can do?”

Desi believes our minds control our lives, making anything possible. Her passion lies in awakening people to their deepest desire; living life limitlessly. Follow her on Twitter, @ImDesi Don’t Ever Say Impossbile!

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