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Last year when the Idea of SoPhiWeekend came about, it was initially for all of the writers of the site to get together for a weekend meet and mingle since we live in different parts of the country. We decided to also incorporate meeting our followers having fun. Which we did. Everyone was as advertised on the net so that made everything less awkward. We had a few hiccups, nothing major just some things I decided to add to this years rules. Without much further ado… The #SoPhiWeekend2013 rules.

1. Do not Touch the cot damn brisket. Matter of fact, unless sent or summoned to the kitchen, do not take it upon yourself to season or rub anything.

2. NO ONE and I mean absolutely NO ONE dies this year unless I kill you. In which case we will properly dispose of your body and pretend you never made it to the gathering.

3. SoPhi Weekend is for our team and supporters.. Not for you to pick up women, come be nosey, feel entitled, etc etc. If the circle is full of genuine people its less likely I throw someone off a balcony or take them for a long ride through the Everglades.

4. If you’re spending the night as a guest ladies.. well we’re grown. ixnay this rule

5. The SoPhi House is in North Bay Village (Section of Miami Beach), It’s own little Island and shit.. plenty of water to dump a body. I know, this isn’t a rule.. just a re-iteration of what will happen to people exhibiting unacceptable behavior.

6. Peez and Mike, I know we’re celebrating you guys birthday that weekend, however since this is a cozy & quiet lil community, put a muzzle on your hussies if yall intend on fucking them on your private balconies. Nobody tryna hear that.

7. Mike, we didnt forget about the Bunk Bed you were supposed to sleep on, you just lucked out.

8. None of you hussies should listen to Haz. If he suggest it, run it by someone else to save yourself issues.

9. The house is private and has a guest list, you must be invited and added to even be there (If you’re not one of the people staying there aka paid to live there.) Not even my rule. Owners rule. Talk to @_Peez_ or Myself (@PhillyTheBoss) to be added

10. Enjoy yourself, have a good time, don’t come empty handed. If you disobey any of these rules I hope you’re able to adapt to salt water extremely well.

#SoPhiWeekend Events Coming Soon. If you’re looking to sponsor or have product placement contact @ImDesi or Myself. See you July 19-22 in Miami!

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