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Pic Courtesy of Thumbs Up Diner Website

Pic Courtesy of Thumbs Up Diner Website

A cozy fast paced diner nestled in Midtown Atlanta, ‘Thumbs Up’ Diner is worthy of more thumbs up than one human is capable of giving.

I went there for a late breakfast around 1pm. It was suggested, I had never been. I agreed but I will admit, I had Gladys & Ron’s Chicken & Waffles on the brain. We got to “Thumbs up” the wait was about 35 minutes, which was enough for me to give the excuse “Lets Go to Gladys'” however when he arrived there (Gladys & Rons) the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Absolutely not. We headed back to ‘Thumbs Up’. We were seated shortly after our arrival. Maybe 10 minutes. The Orange Juice tasted like the Virgin Mary was in the back hand squeezing it herself. I should have known at that point I was in Breakfast Heaven.

I ordered the Chicken & Waffles, which came with eggs that I specified to be scrambled and topped with cheese, and then I ordered one of their biscuits. A biscuit made in house by them, multi-grain. Surprisingly it was the Multi-grain that stood out to me and made me want it.

I buttered the biscuit and then took a bite, I swear a tear dropped as the deliciousness of this biscuit serenaded my palate. Angels & Harps. Maybe the best “homemade” biscuit I’ve ever tasted at a diner. Actually, it is. The Belgian Waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream was equivalent to the Pearly gates opening and letting me in. After that first bite my heart & stomach yelled “Praise God!” Fresh strawberries over a crisp flavorful Belgian Waffle with hints of Vanilla. Amazing. Accompanied by the perfect Chicken strips, lightly battered, perfected seasoning, the mild salt and lemon taste in my juicy chicken strips colliding with that waffle. Made for a breakfast that I never wanted to end.

Leaving ‘Thumbs Up’ was like your first day of school as a kid. You pout, kick and scream but you know you have to do it. Thumbs Up, I will be back.. and don’t you dare change. As of right now, you are the greatest diner I’ve ever been to.

(I forgot our waitress name and I feel bad but she was amazing, although it was fully packed her service was on point and the food arrived in such a timely manner.) From beginning to end, this was a great experience. One I appreciate.

Visit Them: Thumbs Up Diner

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