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Most times after that first cliche date, many guys resort to a second cliche date and go through the same process all the time. If she enjoys your company she likely won’t complain. However as a man, you should aspire to be more than “the norm” make things memorable. Be apart of history, Her “Greatest Memories In History” collection. Within my first three dates of dating a woman, I like to have what I call the “Girllllll, So let me tell you..” or in manly terms the ‘Mariano Rivera Date’ of Dates. (That’s what she starts the phone call with when she first gets on the phone with her best friend after she leaves your date.) Here’s 5 suggestions of mine that somewhat gives her a look into your personality and tells her that you’re making a true effort to know her.

1. Rooftop Dinner
Rooftop Dinner
This is the perfect “I think we should take the next step” date. Whether it’s the next step from dating or the next step from boyfriend or girlfriend, this sets the perfect mood for that talk. Pull out your nicest suit, have her get dressed up, however you set this up is fine whether its a play, orchestra, recital etc. is fine. If you have a little more money, rent the rooftop for just you and her, if not get a corner table with an amazing view and have that deep discussion. Order a bottle of wine, have a few laughs, share an embarrassing childhood memory, seal the deal my man. Seal the deal.

2. Camping
If she’s not afraid of nature and can appreciate a date like this, you’re in the money. Score yourself a win with one of the most underrated romantic dates there can be! Open campfire, just the two of you, sounds of the wood cracklin’.. a starry night. Talks about all your hopes, dreams and passions. Be sure to incorporate her into your plans. Let her know that this is the start of hopefully forever. Then wish on that timely shooting star and plant a kiss. You can’t miss my friend. You can’t miss. (If you can cook as I can, bring a grill. A nice grilled salmon or Kabobs is perfect. You can also grill whatever you please.)

3. Cook For Her… AT HER PLACE.
Man Cooking for woman
If you’ve followed me on Twitter Long enough you know that I always say I’d love to see a woman cook for me in my kitchen. Well, just as Kings loved to get served, Queens do too! Once, she’s comfortable with you after a few dates she will invite you over. Offer: “How about we head to the grocery store first, we decide on a meal, I buy the groceries and cook you whatever you desire.” Nothing humbly turns someone on much more than watching someone they are romantically into prepare a meal for them. DO NOTE: You cannot be a novice. Fill her place with sexy aroma’s and be sure to use the “Hey babe, try this… What do you think.” Watch as her eyes light up or possibly slightly roll to the back of her head as she say “Oh my god, that is sooo good.” Hold conversation about life, what inspired you to first start cooking, culture & more. Let her in as she let you in. A great meal will do wonders for you. The key to this is romancing her somewhere she is already at comfort being.

4. Plan A Set Of “Day Trips”
The key to this is spontaneity. Can be pricey, maybe not. Put 3-5 cities within driving distance or a quick flight into a hat and tell have her pick. If you’re in Boston for example: Portsmouth NH, New York City, Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods Area, Block Island Rhode Island etc. Lucky you she picks NYC & Block Island. Win her over by mapping out a great trip. Rent a car or SUV, Book your hotels in each city and then look up local eateries that fit her taste and style or something you’d know she’d appreciate. (Block Island requires a Ferry. Its off the coast of Rhode Island. You can have your car brought onto the Ferry) Visit tourist attractions, have a good time, get some rest because the next morning you have to get up early to take your brief road trip to the next city. This is perfect for a weekend. Tons of time together, activities and more. Once the weekend is over, let the pictures re-tell the stories of this great date for as long as possible.

5. Yacht Date or Dinner Cruise
Yacht Date
Why must the restaurant you dine at must be on solid ground? Consume your food while you get an elegant view of your city’s skyline or if she’s really special and you have a little more to spend, rent a yacht for 2-4 hours. (In Miami that can go for a couple thousand depending on who you know or what deal you can finagle.) Let her tan a little and enjoy a light lunch and some champagne. It’s your world my friend. She’s just happy to be a focal point within it at this point. Don’t blow the moment.

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