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We all know I don’t really co-sign anything that I don’t like so for me to be giving this an actual review says a lot. I was reluctant to listen to PUSH! at first because of the ‘Twitter Co-signs’ In my opinion I think many I follow on twitter have piss poor taste in music or co-sign people simply because they know them. However, this is one that they didn’t get wrong. Thank God they didn’t get this one wrong.

Black Roses start off with a production that I actually have an affinity for; Electric Guitar over a mean bass line in ‘Immortals’. The marriage of that combo never fails if done right especially when accompanied by an artist who can deliver vivid images and/or his point of view with lines like “Fuck a trap rapper/cuz all them cats actors, wit all those cocaine raps/tell me where the pain at.” ‘Immortals’ sets the stage for an exceptional view of the Brooklyn streets via PUSH! and it never lets up as the album transitions into ‘Walking On Water’ & ‘ICEMAN’ where the vivid imagery continues. I could easily see myself cruisin’ the Brooklyn streets as Push! tells me all the shit going on in the hood as well as the bullshit he encounters daily & proceeds to tell me “I’m a cold young nigga bro..” At this point I can’t help nod my head and agree.

Push switches it up momentarily for ‘B.B.O’/’Bad Bitches Only’ an ode to all the beautiful women who take the conscious effort to make sure they aren’t the typical run of a mill. Normally a track dedicated to the women would throw off the balance and feel of an album that is this ingeniously gritty yet dope. Yet, Push further proves he’s not just another unsigned rapper and that he is one that needs to be paid attention to while keeping the flow of the album smooth as he shows love to the ladies & get right back to the amazing novel that ‘Black Roses’ has developed into, with ‘4 The Love’ & ‘Courtesy Of The Mob’.

‘Daddy’s Girl’ might be one of my favorite records solely because its so relative to others. We’ve all dealt with a lady who has baggage and issues from either her father or previous men in her life. Another win for Push.. at this point you begin to calculate how long before you see him walking through the office for a meeting with the staff.

Finally we arrive to my favorite record on the album; “V.V.S”. If I was a Super Hero and needed a theme song, this would be it. You know how Ross has “Maybach Music” in multiple versions? That’s how I see this record. This is that signature, fly nigga, stand on ya penthouse balcony embracing the current scene in life’s movie, music. This is one of my favorite records this year from any artist. Top 5. Might pull up to a club on South Beach or in Beverly Hills blasting this shit. Great record.

‘4eva Dope’ does a great job in keeping you on the musical high ‘V.V.S’ put you on and makes for a great street anthem. I can see the crowd easily reciting these words during a performance. “I done let em fly, I done seen em land/Look me in my eyes when you shake my hand..” Word.

‘Black Mask’ & ‘Visionz’ Are two solid records that don’t necessarily stand out on the project for me. Not that they are bad, but so many are just that good. On Vizionz Push discusses his musical plight in being overlooked by many as well as radio. I’m almost willing to bet 10k that will change soon enough. This project if moved properly can change his life forever.

“Heaven” is the perfect close to the album just as the destination is to ones life. Push! shows off his storytelling potential all over the perfect soundtrack. Although my favorite track is “V.V.S.” This one has the most replay value for me. It sounds like he poured his heart out on this track.

The End of Black Roses is the biggest disappointment in this album. The fact that it was over. For Push, the sky is the limit. Why I say? Well whats scary is that he’s unsigned and put together something as cohesive and great as this. Very scary to imagine to what he could do with industry backing… Unless it’s your team in the industry doing the backing. PUSH!

P.S. There is a bonus record. Discover that for yourself. Go Download the project now!

Push – Black Roses

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  1. zman says:

    dope review. i think it was objective and on point…

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