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Ever since I was a youngin, I’ve been driven to be the best at whatever I do. I was always a straight A student in elementary, doing extra credit work, and anything I could to go the extra mile. I lost sight of how valuable this approach was during high school but luckily I didn’t stray too far. Today, I’m back at it: looking at life as a quest for the best. As I was reading Philly’s latest post, “Re-Evaluating Your Self Worth,” I couldn’t help but feel like it he was speaking directly to me. I know my potential. I know the greatness I posses. Living up to your full potential is definitely an everyday task that requires effort and has to be mastered.

The NBA playoffs this year were really fun to watch. It was the kind of basketball that kept me on the edge of my seat, kept my pressure up, and had my adrenalin pumping just like I like it. Lebron’s performance in the last two games really inspired me. Here is a man who’s potential to be one of the best and greatest players is so evident by how effortlessly he dominates the court. It’s also evident that he struggles with actually shining as bright as he knows he should. He battles with his inner resistance, as all of us who set out to achieve greatness in some aspect of life do.

When the headband came off though, we witnessed the evolution of Lebron. He finally let go of whatever was holding him back and showed up, instead of folding under pressure as we’ve seen him do before. Removing that headband seemed to liberate him. Of course I was thinking he should never play wearing his headband again lol, but as game 7 began he had it on. And Lebron showed up and really balled again, proving that it really had nothing to do with the headband. It reminded me of how in “The Wizard of Oz” the characters blamed their shortcomings on not having something that was actually within them the entire time. Lebron’s headband served as a symbol of whatever fear was keeping him from delivering his best. During game 6, something clicked in his mind that made his belief in himself so strong that he had to act accordingly.

Thank you, Lebron James. You’ve inspired me to stop denying myself of my own freedom by downplaying my abilities and my awesomeness. His story is all of ours. From this day forward, I vow to not let my headband hold me back from thriving in life.

Desi believes our minds control our lives and lives by the mantra, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible”. Her passion is personal development. Connect with her on Twitter, @ImDesi or Instagram @DopeDesi


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