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Remember that song, “Get Ya Sh*t Together” by T.I. and Lil Kim? My favorite part was when T.I. said, “match ya panties with ya bra, get ya shit together!”  I just remember thinking I can’t wait to one day have my own place and buy my own matching underwear and have my sh*t together lmao Of course my idea of having my sh*t together has changed. When I can do what I love and not have to do something just because it’s an option due to circumstances, something that leaves me feeling fulfilled and will sustain me, when I have a cash flow that exceeds my monthly expenses, then I will have gotten my sh*t together. I believe it can happen. Too often we compare our situations to those that are worse than our own and instead of still raising the bar, we get comfortable and think just because we’re doing better than one person, we’re ok. I’m over that. I like using other’s success to motivate me to step it up. Here are seven people who inspire me to get my sh*t together: Google them, read more about their journey, and get inspired!

  1. Jay Z – What more can I say, his life is the ultimate flip and he keeps acquiring more and more. Career success, financial freedom, and a beautiful family, that’s all it’s about.
  2. Oprah – A black billionaire by creating her own lane. Now with her OWN tv network. She recently delivered a Harvard speech which got into her story of starting as a poor black girl and growing to build an empire. It’s slightly lengthy but worth the watch.

    Watch it, O! I'm coming for your spot!!

    Watch it, O! I’m coming for your spot!!

  3. Tony Robbins – Tony Robbins is everything i want to be! He is one of, if not thee, most powerful and moving speakers ever as well as a successful life coach and author. He came from humble beginnings and found his way to success.
  4. tianaTiana Von Johnson – I just met her recently. She is a Bronx native who started her own real estate brokerage firm about four years ago. She now holds the title of being the only black female on wall street to do so and she graduated with her Ph. D. last week!
  5. J. K. Rowling – A friend of mine hipped me to Bloomberg documentaries about people’s success stories and I watched hers. She really went from welfare to billionaire just by writing a book! Who knew Harry Potter would take her so far.
  6. diddyDiddy – I think that’s the name he goes by nowadays. Just hearing him  rap makes me smh at myself. Diddy sh*ts on my life daily and always makes me think I need to get to work. Obviously his work ethic is crazy!
  7. YOU! – Every single person who reads anything I write and can take something from it motivates me to keep working toward my goals. I just want to live life, write about it, stimulate some minds, and have it sustain me.

For me, these success stories show me that with success comes options. By having options you must exercise your power of decision making. Make intelligent decisions, take the right action, and your sh*t will be together. It’s July 1st, let’s see how much we can accomplish by December. When New Year’s Eve comes, I want to reflect what a difference five months can make.

Desi believes our minds control our lives and lives by the mantra, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible”. Connect with her on Twitter, @ImDesi,  Instagram @DopeDesi, or email Desi@LoveLiveDesi.com

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