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There are in fact levels to this success and being great sh*t. Of course it’s not sh*t but I say sh*t when I’m tryna make a point, sh*t! Because we millenials/Gen Yers have little to no real regard for time and only want to do the work that will bring results ASAP, we expect to go from broke to billionaire literally overnight. We want to go to sleep in our twin beds but wake up in a Bugatti without actually having a license to drive it off the lot. I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but the world doesn’t work that way.

Legwork and the tedious steps taken to build success are rarely given as much attention and light as the end results. This leads to us desiring the destination with no regard to the journey. There are certain habits we need to acquire before the world will lend itself fully to us. We have to show the world that not only are we willing to work for what we want but after we get it, we’ll work to sustain until we’re ready to advance to another level.

Greatness and success are the accumulation of a series of small steps. Quantum leaps are earned through practicing the daily habits which will bring about the results we desire. Things can change in the blink of an eye, but what’s the use if we’re unprepared?

You may be starting at the bottom but your attitude will determine how long you’ll stay there or whether you’ll advance. Be disciplined in the pursuit of your goals. Perseverance and endurance always win. Encourage yourself to keep pushing and rise to the top!

Desi is an expert encourager and silver lining seer who lives by the mantra, Don’t Ever Say Impossible. Connect with her on twitter @ImDesi, IG @DopeDesi, or email Desi@LoveLiveDesi.com!

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