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Heey yall!  So it’s a week removed from SoPhi Weekend and I am finally getting back to my normal sleep pattern.  If you have been on any of our IG’s or Twitter then you know a great time was had.  I’m already looking forward to next year.


Now, if you have been reading Shoes and Booze for the past few weeks, you’ve notices that I, primarily, post picks of heels.  Weeellll, a few readers think my posts should be more inclusive (specifically, sneakers).  I respect that.  So, below is my effort to share some fab foot wear that does not require a balancing act.


Gucci “Coda” Sneaker


Can you say WOW!  I mean, how beautiful are these??  The color is stunning (also available in yellow!…or black if you’re not that daring).  And it’s Gucci so you know the design and craftsmanship are superb, which is important considering the price point.  What I love most is the leather is perforated, so your feet won’t be too warm in them.  Ladies, when you wear these they should be the focus of your outfit.  Please don’t distract from them with loud clothing and gaudy accessories.   I suggest ALL WHITE ERRTHANG.


Chuck Taylor “All Star Studded” Sneaker



I am a huge Chuck Taylor fan.  They look great on men, women and kids and can pretty much be worn with anything.  We all know Chuck Taylor’s are classics, but I love that Converse keeps reinventing them with different prints, colors and materials.  Embellishments (studs, crystal, spikes, etc) are an easy way to add personality to your look.   I will be adding these to my collection *logs on*

Jeffrey Campbell “Almost” Sneaker



These 80’s inspired sneakers are dumb dope!  I fell in love with them instantly.  They take me back to the era of LL Cool J, and RUN DMC, and Cazal glasses, and Adidas sweatsuits…absolutely Krush Groove-ish (which is my favorite movie).  If you are a shy flower, bypass because these jawns will garner plenty of attention.  Personally, I would wear these with a throwback outfit…like some Jordache jeans, a t-shirt and some Mega Design shade, but that’s just me.


A few weeks ago I went to a retirement party where I saw the most beautiful key lime pie ever.  Normally, I’m not into cakes and pies and desserts all that much, but I do have a few weakness (key lime pie, carrot cake and strawberry shortcake).  Since I had been on a quasi diet until this past Friday, I had to forgo the pie…needless to say, I have been craving it ever since.  Now that I’m ready to jump back into the imbibing pool with both feet, I said to myself “self, you should combine your love of key lime pie with your love of spirits”…and voila!  Check out the result.


Key Lime Martini


2 oz Pinnacle Key Lime Whipped vodka

1 oz Simply Limeade

Pineapple juice

Graham Crackers

Whipped cream



 Key Lime Martini


Rim martini glass with graham cracker.  In a shaker filled with ice combine vodka and limeade.  Pour into rimmed martini glass.  Top off with pineapple juice.  Garnish with lime wheel and dollop of whipped cream (optional).  ENJOY!


Until next time…





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