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I remember reading somewhere that to find out what’s important to someone you should just watch what they do. For example, if someone says feeling healthy is important to them but they’re always stuffing their face with McDonald’s, I’m going to think that they’re full of sh*t. I also turn this around and take a look in the mirror and ask myself, “Are my actions really reflecting what I say is important to me?” The greatest source of discontent and unhappiness is inconsistency in the thought, the word, and the deed. When there is inconsistency within, there will be inconsistency without. Until there is alignment in the three, life will be unfulfilled and lackluster as we remain in constant internal and external struggle.

Studying people who have reached some level success has taught me that they focus on what’s important. One of our greatest resources is our time. People who are content with what I consider mediocrity waste a lot of time. They waste time thinking about all the things that are wrong in their life instead of thinking about ways to expand the good. They waste time wondering why their last relationship failed instead of how to make the next one a success. They waste time wondering why they’re broke instead of exploring options to attracting multiple sources of income. When I stopped watching TV I realized just how much time I wasted over the years when I could have dedicated half of it to something productive. TV is not a bad thing but in excess and when used as a means to distract us from having to navigate life, it can be a hindrance to progress. It’s just one of those vices that fear disguises itself behind.

Time should be spent in a way that supports what you want your life to look like. all actions should be steps toward bringing your vision to life. Don’t say you want something unless you’re ready and willing to act like it.  A lot of people claim to want a lot of things but they wake up everyday and follow the same routine. Break out of the insanity cycle. If you want something, find a way to get it. Years ago when I was rebuilding my self esteem, my slogan for myself was, “Where there’s Desiree there’s always a way.” I would repeat that  to myself whenever it seemed as if what I wanted was too lofty. Then I would take action and eventually what I wanted, I received. If you want something bad enough, nothing will stand in your way of pursuing it. If you’re not working toward it, whatever you don’t have, you don’t want badly enough. Applicable to anything. And that’s perfectly ok if you’re content with where you are. But if there’s something in this world that you want, whether material or an opportunity, you’ll never have it unless you at least go after it and meet it half way. What about you, does your day to day life reflect what’s important to you?

Desi believes our minds control our lives and lives by the mantra, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible”. Connect with her on Twitter, @ImDesi,  Instagram @DopeDesi, or email Desi@LoveLiveDesi.com

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3 Responses to #MondayMotivation | “What Means the World to You?” by @ImDesi | #SoPhi

  1. Sunny says:

    Good Article

  2. kahlil says:

    This was great to read. Never n hurts to reaffirm these things to myself. Love this piece, I’m inspired.

  3. Tamra says:

    I love it lady! 🙂

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