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I know, I know, it’s not Monday but I felt compelled to write this and my site is acting funny. Where the eff did July go??? I’m not complaining because July is never really much fun for me, but it was setback after setback and all slow motion. I want August to be the exact opposite. August will be filled with action. Less talking, more doing! A friend/mentor of mine has really been staying on my and making sure I am focused on my goals. He reminded me that there are only four months left in the year. He also said that by new years, I need to make sure I’m able to celebrate because the moves I make now have set me up to receive new blessings in 2014.Four months is not a lot of time but it’s enough time to make some things happen. I sat down and thought about what I want to have accomplished by 12/31/2013. I listed seven SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relative, time bound) goals. From there I listed exactly what it will take to accomplish each one. I don’t want to look up on December 31st and wonder where my year went and have nothing to show for it.


My friend sent me a text saying, “Stay focused, Time is not on your side for long.” I have time to take but not time to waste. It’s crucial that I use my time wisely. Time is one of the most valuable resources available, next to our minds. Let me use my mind to help me find the best ways to use my time then actually do those things. I’m at a point where just saying, “I need to get my life together is not enough.” There is no more, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or “I’ll get it together when I’m 30.” It’s now or never because 30 will be here before I know it. What are you working on accomplishing by the end of the year? Plan your work and work your plan because when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I don’t know about you but I want to win. Here’s to ending 2013 with accomplishments instead of regrets.

– Don’t Ever Say Impossible

Desi believes our minds control our lives and lives by the mantra, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible”. She seeks to encourage overcoming obstacles and living a limitless life. Connect with her on Twitter, @ImDesi,  Instagram @DopeDesi, or email Desi@LoveLiveDesi.com

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