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Welcome back good people and surviving heathens. This is a just a two part tutorial on how to move in a room full of vultures, mainly your friends. When it comes to a woman that has caught everyones eyes. It’s already tough enough battling the scoundrels that get in the dating game and “Dirty Mack” their way to the top. But when you’re going up against your closest friends it gets tricky. You need “Space To Work”.

The dating game can be a filthy one if  there isn’t a code on how to carry yourself while you maneuver through the dating pool. So to keep the order, a few of my homies and I created the idea of “Space To Work”. Now this is a gentleman’s agreement, so it is heavily reliant on honesty and integrity. If you’re the type to conquer the love below with the “by any means necessary” mentality, this isn’t for you.

“Space To Work” was an idea created to minimize conflict between friends when there was a common love/lust interest. It also reduces the amount of crew love, which is  more popularly known as “smashing the homies”, by 110%.


Basic Concept

The rules are simple. If 2, or more, men come across a female interest, the one deemed with the most chemistry/conversation with her may call “Space To Work”. Once this is established, all others must cease courtship immediately to give your friend the opportunity to build towards whatever his goal may be, uninterrupted. That means no date offers, DM’s, IG likes or comments with the hearts as eyes, no nothing.



Once “Space To Work” is established, that person has to create a time frame for his space. If it’s a casual engagement, space usually does not exceed two weeks. If the woman in question is a possible love interest, a month of space is usually given to allow progress to develop. Progress can be anything from a date, kiss, sleepover, etc.

The other(s) that shared the common interest may, at any time, may request a progress report on where he stands with the puddin. Again, this is a gentleman’s agreement. Don’t be the person asking for updates every day. Play like a champion and act like you’ve had a woman before. Excessive thirst will not be ignored, nor tolerated amongst gentleman.



In a perfect world, one who calls space first would be the one closing deal (whatever that may be), but that’s not reality. In the event that the time period of space has elapsed, all interested parties will discuss what progress was made. If there was no significant progress made, the space is now voided and the other(s) are now free to pursue.


Possible Complications/Space Voiding

No fuck niggas shall prosper. If you know your friend is the type to pillow talk, or name drop to the ladies, this agreement is not for him. “Space To Work” is for the dignified men who respects the advantage bestowed upon them to court the designated puddin without interruptions, or distractions.


If you’re the type that has troubles closing like a broken screen door in the hood, this is not for you. The idea of wasting space should be as taboo as sexting in church on Easter. If you’re aware that you will not make any progress, cut your space short, notify the other(s) and gracefully bow out. This is how gentlemen move. Not you hoarding savages.

If the common interest reaches out to one who is not involved in the space, space is immediately voided and awarded to the fortunate gentleman.

These are just some soft rules before I give you some prime examples in Part 2. This coming Monday we’ll revisit this conversation after some of you of implemented these ideas into your circle.

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