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Lost Control
For 2 days straight, I plead with Joe Budden to leak the record. “Its what the fans would want” I said. He shot me down. Even shot money down. I can’t even pay you for the record? I was willing to go as high as 3 Stacks. I’d make it not available to download or to share so that everyone would have to come to me for the record. JOE SHOT ME DOWN. Ok, Mouse.. fine.

Yesterday on the timeline, I told Joe “Most of your fans are the nerdy type”.. which they are. No offense. I’m a nerd as well. I have guns and shooters though, so I appear cooler. Yet when you have fans of such a high level of intellect with a matching sense of greed and entitlement YOU MUST KNOW what comes with that bro. I received an email last night from a fan. He say’s he is your number 1 fan Joe. I apparently met him at the first show we did in Philly and gave him free tickets to the second. I personally narrowed it down to 10 people.. but that’s here nor there. He didn’t want to be greedy and appreciated that I showed myself to be a fan just as he was. We made a deal and the record became mine.

Joe, you’ll get over this as you did the couch fiasco. However let me say, I hate to do this to you, but nigga come on. I buried you yesterday and honestly it hurt me more than it does you. One of my favorite artist of all time and you let that R and B, Super light skin, yodeling nigga Emanny talk you out of releasing this track? That’s what offended me most and I found that out AFTER I read ya Eulogy. He sings, he knows nothing about this lyrical contact sport. You insulted me and all your fans.

Think about it Joseph. You win because this shit is CRAZY. It solidifies all the praise I gave you yesterday. You’re a lyrical beast that’s far too often overlooked. In a way you should thank me nigga. Meanwhile I coughed up $1000 that I found in my couch cushions anddd the fake moral bloggers might call me scum because I took another route AND I got to drop this before them. I’m going to take a lil hit off this, but I’m the same guy who created the brackets and dealt with the heat from that 2 years in a row.

If you want to know why I did It Joe, I did it for Stack. “I aint talking a g nigga, I’m talking A G!” – Joe Budden. The lion is back…

Anyone who was hit with these Haymakers & don’t swing back is pussy.. Enjoy.

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  1. i say this while admitting to not being the biggest Joe fan around: this is THE response we as fans of hip hop fans needed to hear. no dick ridin, just my opinion. disagree if you wanna.

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