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This past weekend, a young lady lost her life. We shared mutual friends and the situation just made me pause for a minute and think about how it could have been me. Even though I’ve been here almost 3 decades, I always assume that I have at least another 3 ahead of me but the truth is I don’t really know that for a fact. A mentor of mine once had me do an exercise where I imagined meeting myself 10 years later and interviewed my older self about the life I had lived. It was a powerful exercise because it showed me how much I plan to accomplish. The one thing I want is to be happy with the life I lived when the time comes for it to end. I want to have plenty of stories to tell my children about what happened when I did this or that. It’s more important than ever to love each day as if the next isn’t promised and to do something that makes me happy.

Tomorrow isn’t owed, nor is it promised but we forget that until something happens and disrupts our usual routine. These interruptions are signs and reminders to appreciate life and make the most of it. Every blessing ignored becomes a curse. Do what you can to live a full life. The pain of not even trying is worse than the pain of something not working out as planned in the long run. What can you do today that can enhance your life in some way?

Sleep in peace Dominique. I pray for the strength of all her family and friends.

Desi believes our minds control our lives and lives by the mantra, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible”. Contact: Desi@LoveLiveDesi.com or follow her on twitter: @ImDesi

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