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Wake up. Go to work. Anxiously await payday. Pay bills. Shop. Repeat. It’s so easy to get caught up in this routine. If you’re ok with meeting the grim reaper, looking back and seeing that this is all you’ve done, then you’re fine. If you actually want to live the life of your dreams, something has to change. One promise I made to myself is to not become stuck; stuck in a job, in a relationship, a mindset, or a particular lifestyle that I know is not the best. I find myself being met with resistance. “Sh*t been going good, but good can turn to better,” in the words of Aubrey. I want that. I want what’s good to turn to better and from there to turn to best. Life is good right now. But I want more than good.

My biggest struggle is staying focused on my desires in spite of people around me who attempt to influence me and stagnate me. Dream killers, as @NovaGiovanni calls them. People will try and make you feel guilty for wanting more in life, usually only if your more doesn’t include them or if your more is something they couldn’t achieve themselves. They are trying to transfer their fear onto you. I want financial independence, not to just be comfortable. I want to get paid according to the results I produce, not in exchange for my time. I want to actually live life and not be stuck on a modern day plantation. And all of my wants are reasonable and ok. I have to remind myself that. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. Yes, I know not everyone is built for living their dreams, or shall I say ready for, but I am. When it’s all said and done, I want to say I did it all.


My one year anniversary of living in NYC is two days away. Every time stagnation threatens to creep in my life, I think about the girl who was so relentless in the pursuit of her dreams and who was willing to risk everything for a better life. I have accomplished a lot in a year, but there’s still more work to do I recently caught myself from slipping into that routine of being a hard working consumer who lives for payday.How do you combat the dream killers? My wish is that you wake up in the morning and do something different than you did yesterday. Something that breaks the cycle of insanity and pushes you toward the best life you can live.

– Desi

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