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“Some men seem to attract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little effort, others conquer with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their ambitions, desires, and ideals. Why is this so?…The difference therefor must be mental.” – Charles Haanel in The Master Key System

There was a convo on my twitter timeline the other day discussing people and their ambitions. I consider myself somewhere between the first and second type of people described in the quote above. I achieve my goals but not always effortlessly, and I write for people who are on the same path. I realize I am not part of the majority and motivation, self development, and other substantial life pertaining topics are not the most popular but something compels me to continue sharing my message. Which by the way is, “Don’t Ever Say Impossible.”

We live in a world overflowing with distractions. It all comes down to recognizing the distractions and choosing to manage them instead of allowing them to manage us. The greatest distraction we will ever manage to master is our own mind. Because thought precedes action, all you have to do to attain anything is think a particular thought. It’s really that simple. Think a thought over and over and eventually, if you make the moves in alignment with that thought, what you want will be yours. When people hear, “Change your thoughts, change your life,” it resonates because of it’s truth. Everyone knows this is true but everyone does not know how to apply this.

Your habits make you who you are. Make a habit of thinking the thoughts that will attract the life you dream of to you. Think the thoughts that will allow you to do what you love. Think the thoughts that will allow you to know peace. Think the thoughts that will allow you to be the best you. Think thoughts that thrive and soon you will have no choice but to do the same.

– Don’t Ever Say Impossible

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