Music | @WebbzCX ft @Mr_Camron – “Make A Way”

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Webbz presents The Pursuit of Happiness - A Black Man In AmeriKKKa ( Art by @MissLadyMillz)

When it comes to independent artists in South Florida (especially Miami) based on talent alone, I would definitely include Webbz among those who put out great projects and content. While many  artists, have changed their sound to make it work for the public, it seems that Webbz always ends up doing his own thing that fits him as the artist he is. Highly anticipated in the Miami indie hip hop circuit,  ‘The Pursuit of Happiness: A Black Man In Amerikkka’,  is set to be released today and  has been a project that I’ve been waiting to be released for a good minute now.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll be able to enjoy when the project is officially released on with this original single titled, “Make A Way” featuring Kill Cam.

P.S Millz did a bomb ass job on the artwork for this project too.

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