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This morning, the topic of Black Wall Street came up in discussion with a friend. And of course it led me to do what I do best, think. A successful system created by blacks was destroyed out of fear. The whites feared that with another culture thriving, their culture was endanger. Why is this so? Why is it so difficult for people to only attend to their interests without shitting on their non interest? This mindset is very prevalent currently with so many people who are caught up in their own ego. I’m sure at one point in time we all have thoughts that are only concerned with our own personal interests but one of the keys to life is understanding that we are all in this together. I understand that the universe must balance out and that for one thing to succeed, often times another must fail but what I don’t agree with is going out of my way to aid in someone else’s failure. I can be my authentic self and the young lady next to me can be herself as well, and as long as we are both doing that we will find ourselves exactly where we need to be. I do not need to alert every passerby of her wrongs and her past failures. All I need to do is mind my business and stay focused on where I am going. Life will deal with her in the precise manner needed for her to be who she is.

That’s whats on my mind today, preserving self without endangering anyone else. We can all coexist with our differences in thoughts and methods without having to take down the next person. Usually people hang themselves anyway.  Mind your business and only give energy to the things and people you like and watch how the things you don’t like remove themselves from your world. Don’t waste your time speaking about them or thinking about how in awe you are for not understanding them. What you focus on expands, focus on the best and it will be yours.

– Don’t Ever Say Impossible

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