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Heeey All. Did you miss me??? These past two weeks have been super crazy for me. But…I’m back. And I have some great picks for this week. Just so you know, writing this blog is TORTURE. I really go out looking at (and trying on…and sometimes buying) shoes to write about. THE STRUGGLE! I’m telling you, my self control is waning. That aside, I do enjoy sharing what I see and think with all of you. Feel free to leave comments on the blog. Better yet, if you own any of the shoes you see on the blog, send me pictures. IG: EliteManager. Now…on to why yall are here. Shoes and Booze.

Fendi “Fendista” Bootie

Fendi Fendista Bootie
I like these a lot. They are in the simple side, but something about them is still very eye catching. It could be the height, or the beautiful bone color…or the strategically placed logo on the front. Fendi has done variations of this bootie in the past, but this is my favorite. I would go monochromatic with these. Maybe a nice pair of cashmere pants and silk blouse or cashmere sweater with gold accessories. Definitely a polished, sophisticated look.

Alice and Olivia “Darleen”Bootie

Alice and Olivia Darleen
These are adorable! And fairly comfortable considering the height and pointed toe. The best part is the studded bow detail on the back. It adds a bit of flirtsy (yes I just made that word up) to the basic black bootie. I’m thinking skinny jeans or leggings with a moto jacket here. I like the contrast of a more masculine jacket with the very feminine boot.

Boutique 9 “Orrino” Bootie

Boutique 9 Orrino
Totally smitten I am. The first thing that caught my eye was the oxblood color. The second thing was the gold zipper detail up the back, which was a pleasant surprise. It is gorgeous in person, and if you remember, it’s one of the colors I said was trending for Fall. You can wear these with just about anything you can think of. Dark colors (Forest Green, Navy, OxBlood , etc) have replaces black as the neutral color boot. Consequently, you can be a bit risky with your footwear this season. And the price point makes these attractive for risk taking.

So I’m going to a Day Party tomorrow where I fully intend to imbibe. However, since it will be day time-ish I have to keep it light (and classy). Nothing says “I’m a grown ass woman” like a Mimosa. Here’s my version.
Blackberry Mimosa
½ cup of Rose champagne (insert your favorite brand)
¼ orange or pineapple juice
1 cup blackberries (juiced)
Mix all ingredients in a large glass or cocktail shaker. Shake or stir. Pour into champagne flute. Garnish with a blackberry
Until next time…


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