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I’ve been a fan of The Weeknd for some time now, a few years easy. I will be honest though; certain artist I listen to, I assume that they can’t vocally live up to their projects. BOY WAS I WRONG!

The tickets were purchased last minute. In fact the day of, just a couple hours prior to. Arrived to the Fox, my first time ever. It’s a very intimate venue. Honestly, it’s one of those places where you’d say “There’s not a bad seat in the house”. The show started with an artist by the name of ‘Banks’ who gave a pretty ‘OK’ performance. I’d give it a ‘C’ at best. Can’t quite remember much of her performance besides the Lauryn Hill cover of ‘Ex- Factor’ she attempted which was good in spots and choppy in others. But then again.. It’s Lauryn Hill you’re trying to cover.
Many times when you attend shows as an “Industry” person or “VIP” you don’t get the full experience. You’re basically seeing a show from a privileged point-of-view. The douche angle as I’d like to call it. To be among The Weeknd’s fans to fully experience how he commanded the stage and controlled the crowd was a blessing. It was a masterful exhibition of showmanship. I seen guys waving their arms and singing along word for word the entire time, literally singing their hearts out. Women screaming, etc. T.I. himself even made an appearance to the theatre to take in the show. The Weeknd’s show lasted approximately an hour and twenty minutes. The was not a weak moment in the show. The next tour should be called “The WeeknD Experience’, because quite frankly it was more than a show. Very much something you have to experience.

If you’re an up & coming artist I’d definitely suggest this show to you. Watch how 1 man and his 3 man band can keep a crowd on their feet for over an hour without there ever being a dull moment. Industry people, stop attending these events for the privilege. Take them in as a fan. It’s much more enjoyably when you’re 2 rows behind the group of guys who perform (albeit from their seats) along with the artist as if they co-wrote and shared in the pain or joys of the work. I’ve seen over 100 performances live. This show launched itself into My top 10, arguably top 5. That’s how magical it was. I’m an even bigger fan than I was before I entered The Fox Theatre. I’m sure everyone who attended, are as well.

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