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Fill in the blank, “If it’s meant to be __________.”

I’m sure almost 95% of people will say, “it will be,” and that’s definitely one possibility. Who created this quote though? (That’s rhetorical because I know I can google) Who taught you that this is the way things are or supposed to be? It reminds me of when I was younger and was told to just pray and let God handle the rest. Without getting into a faith conversation, I’ll just say this is one of the many ideas I was brought up to believe in but I’m now unlearning. It’s one of those ideas I refer to as a “Mind Fck” which keeps those who don’t really like to think in a constant state of fear and stagnancy.

There’s a small percentage of people who believe in and operate under the quote, “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.” Earlier in the week someone told me that people only change because of inspiration or desperation. The act of changing tells the universe that you refuse to just leave your life to chance and you resolve to take control of your destiny.

My goal is always to inspire and I do my best to lead by example. My life changes often. I believe in changing my approach or restrategizing in order to achieve my desired results if something isn’t working. Too often we either ignore life’s signs to change. I like doing what I can to turn the odds around so that they work in my favor rather than waiting for life to serve me some sudden and earth shattering event before I make a move. If something is meant to be it definitely will be but you must play your part in making it so. What change are you not making and leaving to chance?? Take control of your destiny and make a move today.

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