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When pain enters the life of a naturally creative person, sometimes the art forms that they produce may hold a rather appealing, different, and non-conforming design. The music provided from the up and coming emcee DC7, which stands for ‘The Dream Chaser from 70209’ is futuristically different, with its unique resistance to just one genre. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, DC7 carries heavy influences from the greatest the hip hop game, such as: Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar, but hip-hop alone cannot sum up this rapper’s sound.

Thinking outside of the box, for new equations to ‘hip hop’, the young emcee will tell the stories that his older brother never got a chance to tell the world. DC7 is a natural born artist, who considers his plight in music as carrying on the torch of his well respected older sibling, David, who was murdered in 2007. The hunger alone in DC7 presents in his personality as well as his music will show in upcoming EP ‘Remember Where You’re From’, with lead single ‘Dragon’s, the next release for DC7. This is one artist who has courage to be different, and excel under harsh circumstances.

What’s you’re first memories of Hip hop as in Hearing and taking part.
DC7: My first memory of listening to Hip Hop was when I was around age 11. My
brother had a collection of all SPM’s albums. I remember he would always
bump them in full, he would play them so loud that the walls would start to
vibrate! We lived in a small apartment complex, so the neighbors would get
annoyed and complain to the apt. manager, which was pretty funny! All of
SPM’s songs would get stuck in my head and eventually grew with me since
then. My first memory of taking part of Hip Hop was when my brother started
rapping. I would always see him writing lyrics and I heard him freestyle
for the first time over the phone when he was locked up. I was amazed by
his talent, and he mentioned he was recording his debut album but
unfortunately he passed away and the album was never finished. Now I want
to take the torch and finish what he started.

If you could align yourself with any brand, producer or artist in the game who would it be? Why?
DC7: If I could align myself with anyone, it would be with 2 indie producers;
Blue Sky Black Death and Uppermost. Their sounds are so unique and stands
out from what’s popular right now. Especially Uppermost, their sound is
like Electro-dubstep mixed with Hip Hop, it’s definitely different and
something I would love to have on my album and introduce to the game. I
feel like their work is so underrated! I’d also align with Eminem, Jay-Z,
and Kanye. I love how they never disappoint with each album and enjoy
taking risks by experimenting with different sounds. They believe in their
art and don’t follow trends!

Who are Your personal top 5 of all time?
DC7: My personal top 5 is SPM, Tupac, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Eminem. I listen to
them all day! I don’t care how old their songs are, it still sounds fresh
to me!

What mark do you want to leave on the industry. What do you envision your legacy being?
DC7: I definitely want to stamp my story in the music industry and hopefully
my upcoming EP “Remember Where You’re From” will do just that. I want
people to remember DC7 and what it stands for. I want to play this EP after
5 years and I realize how far I’ve came, which is why I released “Dragons”
as a single, the lyrics are about the music industry and what I have to
offer, pretty much to keep everyone aware of who is DC7, lyrically and
sonically, it’s like an introduction song.


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